Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cardinal Dolan and the Single Girl

I saw the photo at the Deacon's.  I liked it so much I had to post it.  It shows what a gentleman Cardinal Dolan is.  I'm really not all that concerned about the Cardinal's politics or his banquets - he's a Cardinal Archbishop and Cardinals and Bishops do what they do.  I have no say in how they do their job.

That said, Helen Gurley Brown is another story, isn't she.  She used to be on Carson a lot - in fact she always presented so prim and proper, though chic and sophisticated, that I found it hard to believe she was a 'sexologist'.  Her book, Sex and the Single Girl, did much to teach women about their new found freedom, as well as to level the sexual playing field between the sexes, on some level it is regarded as a contributing factor to the sexual revolution.  As it turns out, her persona came to be identified as something akin to a female Hugh Hefner:  Brown recognized her market and published for it - to great success.  Men - and the pill - permitted her to promote what she did.  She always claimed to enjoy herself doing it.

We all get old, and then we die.  The Cardinal was very charitable to show such kindness to an old lady.


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  "Each soul is the object of My special love. That is why I am so grateful to those who are resourceful in bringing back sinners to Me. Keep this in mind then. I gave My life for them in the most atrocious torture, for these poor beloved ones. A humble repentance, and they are already on My heart. So speak gently to them. Speak with tenderness. A brusque remark could drive them farther away." - He and I

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  1. "We all get old, and then we die."

    O Lord give me wisdom of heart (daily) to realize (daily) time is running out & I need to be kinder (daily) to others and get my act together.

  2. While it is true that Ms Brown was a pretty bad influence, no one had their arm twisted to buy into her line of thinking. Last I checked we all have free will and the freedom to make our own decisions.

    That being said, there were some Catholic bloggers who said some absolutely horrible things about her burning in hell - and much, much worse. What makes people think that's an okay thing to do?

    The really sad part is how much I used to like Cosmo until it finally got so bad that even I, wild and crazy person that I am, had to say, "Whoa, that magazine has gotten creepy." I miss the old Cosmo.

    1. Thanks Adrienne - see how we agree?

      BTW - I haven't seen a Cosmo since I did that centerfold in the '80's.


  3. I still have that pic and I thank you. ;-)


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