Tuesday, June 19, 2012

You'll never believe what happened to me….it was ghastly!

We had to call the whole thing off. Well, it was ghastly. Well, it was just ghastly.

It was just after nine o'clock last evening, as I went about catching up on the day's emails and planning to post something for today, when the lights suddenly flickered and the power went off, just for a second or two.  I wondered, 'what was that all about, Agnes?'  Agnes is my cat but she was in the other room.  Once again, the lights flickered, and the power went off - AGAIN.  The neighborhood went black.  There were no storms, no strong winds - 'what was it?'  I asked myself this time since Agnes was clearly ignoring me.

I promptly went to the kitchen and dug out my emergency lanterns, lit a few candles, and once again there was enough light by which to make my way around the house.  The very first thing I did was to call the energy company - only to find out that the power would be out until 12:51 tomorrow.  I immediately assumed PM - thus believing the power would be out until 12:51 PM today.  I was aghast.  I was convinced this had all been planned in advance, without benefit of warning the customers.  "What an imposition!" I told Agnes. 

Oh!  Oh!  As I went outside to get another lantern, I noticed that the people next door were in their 1950's style 3 season porch which overlooks the Jewish cemetery, with their torches lit - yet when they noticed my torch they immediately extinguished their own - pretending not to be there.  Can you imagine?  And the mosquitoes were really bad too.  I know!  What if it had been a medical emergency and my neighbors pretended they didn't see me?

Anyway.  The lights came back on at 12:45 AM.  Though I was pleased power returned and relieved that I did not have to wait until this afternoon, I'm still a little embarrassed that I forgot there is a 12:51 AM - every day.

Imagine!  Of course, one has to stay up late to know that.


  1. Mosquitoes - another good reason not to live there.

    Are those the same people that tried to kill your vine? Wait - you're on a corner (aren't you?) so they have to be. I think you'd make an absolutely perfect neighbor (unless, of course, you're having loud raucous parties that you're not talking about.

    1. Yes - they are the same neighbors. Actually, they will talk if I initiate it, and I've also given them plants when I split them, and so on. They are just different. I rarely have anyone over and my house is very quiet.

  2. Are you ready for the next round of power outages?


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