Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Michael Voris' RealCatholic TV no longer Catholic.

I know!

Story here.


  1. I dearly love your photo editing.

  2. If only Church leaders would spend as much time focusing on real heresy's rather than on someone who is honestly trying to bring the existing ones to light.

    Sigh. All we can do is just keep praying and trying to change the hearts of those around us.

  3. Whatever. Personally I think they should ask the Mariavites and Anglo "catholics" to cease using the name "catholic" as well. It would make more sense to me anyway but who am I?

  4. Quite right! Voris' simplistic version of Catholicism was in the style of many Protestant television evangelists. The man lacks humility and obedience.

    1. I dunno. With all due respect, from what I can tell, Voris seems pretty humble to me, and I'm not sure he has been disobedient. In fact, changing the news-show name would indicate to me compliance and appeasement. Whatever one thinks of his style and approach, he certainly demonstrates that he is indeed a faithful Catholic layman. Nothing wrong with that.

    2. When the Detroit archdiocese originally asked Michael several years ago to change the name "catholictelevision.org", which he owned, he promptly did so, moving all of the content over to "theonetruefaith.tv." He informed them that he could not change "RealCatholicTV.com" since the domain name was owned by someone else in another diocese. The archdiocese acknowledged this fact. Michael heard nothing from the archdiocese for many months. Then suddenly it released that press release last December, the one that caused all the ruckus and cast RCTV in a very bad light. Michael found out about it the same way everyone else did--via blogs. He's made 7 requests to meet with the archbishop in order to discuss the matter--and he's been met with resounding silence.

      Michael is and always has been an obedient son of the Church.

  5. We used to have a school named Colorado Catholic Academy which was more deserving of the name "Catholic" than any of the schools run by the diocese.

    I'm sorry they changed their name, Real Catholic is more deserving of the name than most entities who use the name with permission.


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