Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Why women aren't invited to the Argument of the Month Club.

Cigars, beer-farts, belching, spitting contests, outdoor distance-peeing, and more beer.

It's a fun time... especially considering, "Men and boys who don’t have masculinity problems have the ability to duke it out and then either be friends or at least be civil."

[Capes optional.]

Throw off the shackles of your Puritan heritage and join us at Saint Augustine’s in South Saint Paul on May 8th for our last AOTM of the season. We’re going out with a bang…or at least a good deal of smoke. What makes AOTM different (and we say better) than other similar events is the atmosphere – the conversations, the food and drink, and now the SMOKING. The pre-argument party starts at 3 PM on the luxuriant greens of Saint Augustine. A tent will be set up in case of rain, so don’t think we’ll call it off on account of weather. We’ll have beer (still free) and cigars for sale – feel free to bring your pipe if you smoke one. We’ll also be roasting the food and reserve the right to conscript you into volunteer service should the need arise. The schedule for the day is as follows:

Smoking and Drinking: 3 PM
Appetizers: 6 PM
Dinner: 7 PM
Presentation: 7:30 PM
As promised the presentation will focus on the marriage amendment. We’ll take a look at some of the larger issues. What brought us to this junction and where do we go from here win or lose? The debate format will be replaced by a panel of speakers, providing the most robust analysis of the marriage amendment you’re likely to hear.

Argument of the Month
408 3rd Street North
South Saint Paul, MN

[Seriously - it is a great Catholic get-together.  Click here for more details.]


  1. Terry - you should go. Really!

  2. Makes me wish I was a guy...

  3. Anonymous9:20 PM

    The pict must have been from the AOTM where the debate topic was alter girls and liturgical dance. Needless to say, things got ugly. This pict just made it look like the hall at St Augustines broke out into a scene from west side story. It got worse.

  4. It is very fun - and well attended. Many good men attend.

  5. Adrienne - I never go anywhere these days - I don't even attend my own art shows.

  6. Ter - Sounds like me...

  7. Females could start their own. They already have a radio program called "The Delicious Dish"

  8. Terry--you forgot 'crotch-grabbing.' Sounds like the perfect father/son experience. And to think that my son did something as ludicrous as the Day of Silence at school last Friday. I really should have taken him to a manly thing like this!


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