Saturday, April 28, 2012

The coming turmoil...

I mentioned it to a friend the other day, and she asked me "what coming turmoil?"

I explained that I expect there will be Act-Up style protests against the Church because of its stance against same sex marriage and teaching condemning homosexual behaviour.  Like Planned Parenthood offering an imitation 40 Days for Life prayer movement, gay activists are forming prayer groups in addition to picket lines outside churches and chanceries, for their intentions.  One such prayer group was recently requested to pray silently at the Cathedral in St. Paul.  However, as boycotts and picketing endeavors go unnoticed by media, I suspect the need for more aggressive protests will develop as push comes to shove.  If I'm wrong, all the better.

An incident occurred just a couple of days ago in Portland.  Though not a Catholic church, a gay activist group, Angry Queers smashed windows of a protestant church there.  The story here:
PORTLAND, OREGON, April 26, 2012, ( – A homosexual activist group calling itself “Angry Queers” claimed responsibility for smashing nine windows in a church known for teaching traditional sexual morality early Tuesday morning.

“Upon arriving at the church, we discovered nine separate windows had been smashed in with rocks, including two beautiful 100-year-old stained glass windows,” wrote Tim Smith, pastor of the Portland campus of Mars Hill Church. “We estimate the damage to be several thousand dollars.”
The vandals sent an e-mail to local television station KOIN-TV stating they took the action, because “Mars Hill is notoriously anti-gay and anti-woman.”

Church members say they hold to “traditional Bible-based views on homosexuality.”
Eyewitnesses told police they saw six young men wearing “dark, mask-like partial face coverings” flee the scene around 2:30 a.m.

The Oregonian reported “black-clad demonstrators…some of whom wore kerchiefs to cover their faces, shouted profanities at adults and children” last October, when the new campus of the Seattle-based church opened. About 20 protesters blocked the entrance and screamed, “Shame on you homophobes. You’re not welcome here. You’re going to burn in Hell.” - LifeSite
H/T Pewsitters
Photo: Synagogue, Kristallnacht 1938. 


  1. Coming to your Church, soon. Yep. Oh, I thought we were the ones crippled by our hate filled hearts and intolerance. Fr. Martin and the Jesuits are leading the way...

  2. Prayer for evil doesn't count.


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