Saturday, April 28, 2012

How the world might end.

April 26 was the anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, and I watched a dramatization on it on PBS.  Oddly enough, the filming reminded me of Dr. Who or something done in the 1950's, which struck me as a novel way in which to tell the story.  The disaster had the potential of becoming something much more apocalyptic, you can read more more about it here.

While thinking about Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, and more recently Fukushima, it occurred to me that the world as we know it may well be destroyed by 'accident' or human error, rather than design.  Or perhaps by a really big meteor.

It's a rainy day today.


  1. Fear of war is what drove me to find the fullness of the faith. Now instead of cowering in a corner and giving myself ulcers, I am starting to become a rather well received public speaker on the faith. Just did one on Monday about all the bad things we are doing to ourselves and our society with contraception. Went pretty well.

    Perhaps I have recommended this book before:

    It was fundamental to me conquering my fear of war. I probably freaked my whole family out by following the book’s instructions on how to prepare for such an attack, putting all the supplies in my basement, but frankly it was more an exercise in courage than actual preparation for an attack. My preparations did me more good mentally than any psychologist could have done. The whole exercise convinced me that I should never be afraid to face the truth – in anything.

    Some Catholic blogger I was reading yesterday inferred that nuclear winter is a myth cooked up in the 80’s and I was impressed that he knew. I was thinking it was you that said it Terry. Honestly, I always come away from your blog thinking, “That Terry knows EVERYTHING!” :-)

  2. Just wondering - it doesn't have to be nuclear - gross incompetence with any large system or structure involving lots of people will do the trick - dams, bridges, buildings.

    But look how many died in Chernobyl, and compare that with Three-Mile Island or even Fukushima (which nature played a major role anyway) ... it's the gross incompetence of those responsible.

    I find it funny that the idiots in Germany closed all of their atomic power plants without any real danger but based of paranoia in the wake of Fukushima. Thy also have no way to make up for it except to buy lots and lots of nuclear energy from their neighbors. They also won't use coal or oil because of "anthropogenic global warming".

    And yet several people died last year from eating organic cucumbers. Oh well.


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