Monday, April 23, 2012

BREAKING NEWS! Secret Service Agents Compromising Government Secrets

"You can't be serious!"

Soliciting prostitutes.

Many readers have asked me to chime in on this matter.  This is exactly why homosexuals should not be allowed in the military!  Loose morals have infected every Government service agency since.  That's all I am going to say. 

Except for this - if Secret Service Agents were allowed to marry, this would never have happened.


Oh.  I see, they are allowed to marry.

Well, in that case, I blame the wives.

BTW - Sarah Palin brought this on herself - she is much too sexy.  More on that story here.


  1. Hey, is it just me or does that secret service guy in the Sarah Palin picture look like Fr. Dwight Longnecker, but with a buzzcut instead of a ... er, tonsure?

  2. Wow - it's one of Fr. L's alter egos.

  3. I mean seriously.


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