Sunday, April 22, 2012

People who don't show up...

Garbo letter to Princess Grace of Monaco.

For some reason they just can't.

Letter source.


  1. Wait, that's your excuse? "But Garbo blew off Princess Grace..."

  2. I know, I'm pathetic.

  3. My family gets frustrated with me because I don't go where they want me to go but I can't. I make lots of excuses, lies really, and if I lie then I feel like a disappointment to Christ. I think,"I'm a crappy christian because Christ would want me to visit with other people."

    After a full day of schmoozing at my daughters wedding I literally felt sick. I think it's weird and I've never been able to understand this aspect of my personality.

    At public gatherings I say to myself, I seriously love you people but go away.

    I'm pathetic-er. :|

  4. I used to lie as well, but I got in trouble with people even with the excuses, so now I just say I'm not coming - altho one recent event I just didn't show up and afterwards sent a note explaining why I couldn't - no lying - so I'm sure they just write me off as being nuts.

  5. I feel this way a lot. Belinda, are you an introvert and/or a melancholic (temperament)?


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