Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Where to now?

Remember that the chaplet is the essential prayer for the Divine Mercy Novena.  And remember you can enter into the novena any time during the duration, with the same confidence as those who began it on Good Friday.  The novena culminates on the feast of Divine Mercy, this Sunday.

I'm praying for those people who for some reason can't accept Church teaching, as well as those who have refused to believe because they have been scandalized by the failures and bad behaviour of believers like me. 

United in prayer with all of you who pray this novena...  remember:

 "By this Novena (of Chaplets), I will grant every possible grace to souls." - Our Lord to St. Faustina

How to recite the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

At the table of sinners.


  1. I'll pass on Elton, Terry, but I'm united with you in the Chaplet of DM. For reasons that make me personally, especially sad the convergence of news too close to home and the particular focus of the intention of Day 5 make this year's Easter praying of the DM Chaplet more meaningful than I might have elected.

  2. I'm praying the novena Terry though I got caught up in my birthday monday and missed a day and felt terrible but I picked up and went on. I'll finish on Sunday instead of Saturday.

  3. Yikes! The Tumbleweek Connection piece was a turbo blast from the past. Lord, I feel old --thanks a lot, Terry!


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