Friday, April 13, 2012

Lazy Romans.

Waste of space.
If they'd clean up the ruins (eye-sores) all over the city - renovate the run down neighborhoods filled with cats - and build decent, live-able, workable buildings/housing* - they wouldn't have this problem of jobless men dressed up as centurions, cluttering up the streets, extorting money from tourists. 

The policemen arrived at the ancient amphitheatre to enforce an eviction notice to the men, who normally ask tourists for money in exchange for a photograph with them. - Read about the scumbags here.

(Remember when that Roman student said something similar about the gypsies in Rome.  I know!)

I think I'm done here.

*Like McMansions or something.

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  1. Once again Ter - this is one funny post. Thanks buddy!


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