Friday, April 13, 2012

Fr. James Martin S.J. is doing it again!

Mocking the Catholic Blogosphere.

Haha!  He has a very funny post on how we take issue with ...just about anything and everything.
What's that supposed to mean?

I wonder if you can say anything about the Catholic faith without people taking offense. No matter how benign, no comment on the web about Catholicism goes unchallenged. That goes for blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and pretty much everything else. Moreover, the idea of trying to understand a person by reading carefully what they're actually saying, or giving them the benefit of the doubt, is fading quickly from Catholic discourse. No matter what you write, there are Catholics ready to take immediate offense, to explode in righteous anger, to threaten to report you to the proper authorities or, most of all, to correct. The most common responses are these five: 1.) Your soul is in mortal danger. 2.) You’re uneducated and need to be schooled. 3.) I hate the church and so I hate you. 4.) You’re an unthinking tool of the Vatican. 5.) You’re disobedient and must be reported.

Here is a not-so-farfetched exchange, based on some very, very real experiences. Believe me, it would be hard to make this stuff up. - Read the rest here.
 Yeah?  Yeah?  Who's he talking about?

Photo:  Obviously it's part of our tradition.  Those darn German-Irish Catholics!

[Label meaning here.]  I know - it has nothin' to do with nothin'. 

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  1. The Media as Channels of Grace

    The historic opportunity we now have of witnessing to Christ across the continents must be inspired by the holiness of the communicators. Their power to evangelize the multitude depends on their own union with God.

    They shall be as effective in bringing souls to Christ as they are themselves united with Christian faith and humility, and the practice of chastity.

    This is more than the obvious giving of good example. It is nothing less than a law of supernatural generation. Holiness is reproductive. Holy people reproduce themselves in the souls of those with whom they communicate.

    What a glorious prospect lies ahead for Christianizing the world as we approach the twenty-first century! It all depends on how courageously those who evangelize through the media are themselves communicators of divine grace by their lives of heroic loyalty to Jesus Christ.

    --John Hardon SJ


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