Friday, April 13, 2012

Does God wait for us... ?

Or something like that.

Some time ago a woman wrote a post discussing whether God waits for us - or as I said above - something like that.  I thought the answer would be simple but it was far too complicated a discussion for me to enter into.  I don't like long posts and commentaries.  It's like scholars spending their lives writing a doctoral dissertation on the little way of St. Therese - does anyone else see the irony in that?  Don't answer.

I thought of that post in the light of today's Gospel.  This morning, there was Jesus, waiting on the beach for the disciples who were out fishing.  He called to them, "Children!"  And he had prepared breakfast for them.  He waited for them - for that moment - to wait on them - just to show how tenderly he loves us.

Years ago - when I was still a kid - someone who had 'picked me up' had breakfast ready for me the next morning, my shoes were shined and my clothes were all pressed...  No one had ever been that kind to me before.

God is kind - he waits for us to come ashore - he makes breakfast for us.  It is kindness which reveals the charity that is deep in our hearts.  Don't over-think it.


  1. I don't see the irony of it, at least not necessarily so.

    I've actually read a doctoral dissertation on the little way of St. Therese; it wasn't by a "scholar" and the person who wrote it didn't spend his life on it.

    It addressed important theological questions that I think could be beneficial for certain people who have trouble assenting to the living out of the little way - if it's able to provide some answers to such people, perhaps they would not only be educated further about what God did through Therese, but they may also be liberated very personally from their own spiritual struggles with accepting God's love and mercy.

    Some people almost 'need' to have the answers to certain things before they can give themselves over to it - no matter how great the thing is and willing of their attention otherwise. Whether those people are right or wrong for having that 'need', I don't know. I believe for them, at least subjectively, it's not a question of right or wrong, but rather of a very real and serious facet of their existence - perhaps not unlike compulsions or habits that others may suffer from.

  2. Good point. I think I'm too little to make an intelligent response. I don't have to worry however since I will never have the responsibility of guiding souls. :)


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