Monday, April 09, 2012

The Risen Christ Shows Himself to His Blessed Mother.

In the end of the sabbath, as it began to dawn toward the first day of the week...

Jesus must have shown himself to Our Lady first of all, though the New Testament doesn't record it.  Likewise, it is rarely portrayed in art, and I can find no image of the event that I like.  I think the meeting is perhaps described in the Song of Songs, but for me it is far too mystical to comprehend outside of prayer, and even more difficult to translate into words.

Neither does art cannot do it justice for me, simply because the encounter between the mother and the son was so intimate.  For my taste, the image shown above comes closest to an ideal I think desirable, precisely because the narrative is similar in composition to the usual depiction of the Annunciation.

An account of the Risen Christ visiting the Blessed Virgin:
“And then about the same time, that is to say, early in the morning, Mary Magdalene, Mary Jacobi and Salome, taking their leave first of Our Lady, took their way toward the grave with precious ointments. Dwelling still at home Our Lady made her prayer….” (Snipping quote of the prayer in which she recounts the Passion and pleads for her Son to be returned to life)
“And with that, she so praying, sweet tears shedding, lo suddenly Our Lord Jesus came and appeared to her, and in all white clothes, with a glad and lovely cheer, greeting her in these words “Hail, Holy Mother.” And anon she turning said: “Art Thou Jesus, my blessed Son?” And therewith she kneeling down honored Him; and He also kneeling beside her said: “My dear Mother, I am. I have risen, and lo, I am with you.” And then both rising up kissed the other; and she with unspeakable joy clasped
Him, sadly, resting all upon Him, and He gladly bare her up and sustained her.” - Source

Art: Christ Appearing to His Mother
Juan de Flandres
Berlin, Gemaeldegalerie


  1. Happy Easter to you Terry

  2. So sweet...Our joy is risen!


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