Saturday, March 17, 2012

So, why is it that children of same sex couples are sometimes refused admittance to Catholic schools?

Whittling down teaching.

I've often sided with the kids on this topic - let the children have access to a catholic education no matter what the lifestyle of the parents happens to be.  I mean, Bl. Laura Vicuna's mother was the mistress of a drunken abuser, and she was accepted in Catholic school. 

Nevertheless, sometimes militant homosexual parents, and for some queer reason, lesbians, have a way of imposing their own agenda against the Church, and making demands that the Church get with the 21st century and become more gay friendly than it already clearly is. 

Oh.  What a coincidence!  Here's a story about that very subject just to make my point:
BOWMANVILLE, Ontario, March 16, 2012 ( – A self-proclaimed ‘lesbian’ whose two children attend a Catholic school near Peterborough is demanding that the Peterborough Catholic school board remove a Catechism quote dealing with homosexuality from a school pamphlet. Ann Michelle Tesluk has started an online petition to pressure the board to action and describes her activities as gearing to make the Catholic Church into an “openly gay friendly church.”

The pamphlet in question, however, is controversial from more than one perspective. While quoting the Catechism that the homosexual inclination is “objectively disordered”, the pamphlet also misrepresents Catholic teaching in numerous ways. The pamphlet calls on schools to highlight homosexual role models and familiarize students with terms like “LGBTQQ” and “two-spirited.” It indicates that Canada legalized same-sex “marriage” in 2005 without mentioning that the Church opposes such unions. - Read the entire article here.
The pamphlet seems to be riddled with errors, yet the passage from the Catechism is cited as  “outdated and harmful”:
“As it is right now, it is derogatory, patronizing and discriminatory, not to mention lacking in scientific evidence,” she says. “Any child who reads this will be faced, at minimum, with a negative attitude towards homosexuality,” she continues. “Isn’t this what we are trying to prevent? How can we allow any school in Ontario to teach this to our children?” - ibid
My, my, my, my, my.  Keep on pushing on and they will eventually get what they want - or, if all else fails, they might consider moving to the Archdiocese of Washingtom D.C.?  

Photo:  Gay propaganda.


  1. A responsible person does not put their child in the position of being scorned. They also do not put teachers in the position of having to parse everything they say. Been there, done that and it's very unpleasant.

    You can't get much more "disordered" then to use your child as a weapon for activism.

  2. The parents are the primary educators of children. If the child is unlikely to practice the Faith after schooling is complete, why should the parish and the diocese subsidize his/her education?

    Let someone whose parents want them to be Catholic have that slot.

    Why is it that I, a well read, highly educated, English speaking American have to go through these obscene words games two or three times to get my comments posted? I have no idea what the first word on my first try is supposed to be.

    I think I have a better chance at getting the second try.


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