Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Good question.

Why are Bishops reluctant... ?

"Our bishops have called on us to join them in combating Obama’s attacks on the faith and on the faithful ( not to mention everybody else). While “ religious freedom” is a principle that can quickly be distorted and dismissed as an abstraction, the doctrine of the Eucharist and the teaching of Humanae Vitae address concrete realities. Why do our bishops ignore them as we confront this diabolical offensive by the Culture of Death?" - Read the entire article here: From Under The Rubble . . .  

H/T Pewsitters


  1. From a friend of mine who is a Thomist philospoher:

    "we -- "we" meaning the bishops and modern Catholics -- have dug ourselves into a gigantic hole, and insofar as the bishops keep making this a religious freedom issue they are asking for trouble. The moment some Mormon sectarian claims a right to polygamy on "religious freedom" grounds and the bishops refuse to side with them -- as of course they must refuse -- the bishops will look like hypocrites."


  2. They will look like hypocrites, but they won't be.

    Religious freedom is not a universal get of jail free card to do whatever may strike ones fancy.

    Religious freedom at least has the merit of being an argument that has some weight with the secularists who run the country, where as arguing the principles underlying the Church's ban on contraception would go nowhere.

    When fending off wolves its best to use a bludgeon and leave explaining the underlying arguments for those who have ears to hear.

    I haven't had a subscription to the Wanderer in 20 years but I've always appreciated it as the one place where reliable news can be found when all else is darkness.

  3. Every time I look at that photo I get a bad feeling. I hope Cardinal Dolan doesn't participate in the dinner this year.


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