Monday, March 12, 2012

Disordered affections

"He has mercy on those who fear Him, in every generation."

As most people who read this blog know, I attend Mass at my local parish church now days.  The Ordinary Form is the Mass that is celebrated there, and of course the priest faces the people.  During the Preface, the celebrant tripped over the word 'disordered'.  I'm not sure anyone else noticed, but I looked up at that instant, and it seemed Father had a bit of an epiphany as he read, 'disordered affections'.  Below is the context from Preface II: 
Preface II of Lent

For you have given your children a sacred time for the renewing and purifying of their hearts, that, freed from disordered affections, they may so deal with the things of this passing world as to hold rather to the things that eternally endure.
I think I know what he thought - Father has the delicate task of teaching a kinda, sorta, liberal parish about things pertaining to Catholic teaching regarding marriage and sexuality.  Maybe he thought as I did, "'Disordered affections!'  Yeah, see, we all have them - and it is God's will that we be freed of them - that we pray and do what is in our power through self-denial to free ourselves, and re-order our lives 'to hold rather to the things that eternally endure.'"

Maybe he didn't think all of that through just like I said, and maybe I didn't say it very well, but the point is - disordered affections aren't exclusive to any particular group, and the work of Lent, indeed the work of the Christian life is to be 'freed from disordered affections... so as to hold rather to the things that eternally endure.'

Get it?  I think Father did, and I definitely caught it.   

Everything really is a grace, isn't it.

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  1. Totally random priest mentioned disordered affections. AND he said "gree-veee-us!"

    Maybe the archdiocese needs to publish a mispronunciation guide for the priests?

  2. Maybe he should be dealt with...

    Just kidding.

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