"Are we prepared to promote conditions in which the living contact with God can be reestablished? For our lives today have become godless to the point of complete vacuity. God is no longer with us in the conscious sense of the word. He is denied, ignored, excluded from every claim to have a part in our daily life." - Alfred Delp, S.J.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Our Lady and her priests.

"The priests who venerate me will be scorned and opposed by their confreres..." - Our Lady of Akita


  1. Thanks for this reminder. It certainly explains what happened to Fr. Guarnizo.

  2. unfortunately, this is going to become more and more common. It makes me sick to my stomach. I received a letter from a mother of a priest who went through similar trials. She told me of priests living in cars because they can't afford canon lawyers and have lost their faculties. People need to get their heads out of the sand. All of this has been foretold.

  3. Our Lady of Akita and Our Lady of Kibeho in Rwanda are the only two officially approved Marian Apparitions since Vatican II- something to heed!

  4. Servus - I actually think this will become LESS common, not more. Seminarians, young priests, and new bishops have much more fervor and Faith than in the past few decades. That is a fact (mindestens hier in den USA - in Deutschland hingegen, ach je.)

    The high point of this crap is past, I believe - it was the 60s, the 70s, the 80s, when it was hard to find a faithful priest and the religious houses and seminaries were literally emptying.

    We WILL see priests getting into it more and more with the government, but I think then they will have the backing of their bishops.

    Can someone who lived as a faithful Catholic through the past few decades (I am only 29) respond to this? My dad is 55 - of all the church parishes in our parish (confusing, but we do not have counties in Louisiana!), almost ALL of them are run by solid, orthodox priests who are ready for what's coming in our culture. He would say he has never seen anything like this since he was a child.

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  6. I'm 45 and as long as i've been on the face of the earth the Church has been in crisis. granted there weren't many young priests the caliber of Father Altier, Father Rodriguez or Father Guarnizo then (70s and 80s)but I can honestly say that although the situation has improved we are far from being out of the woods. When bishops are chosen from such priests THEN we will see a difference but until then I fear it will be more of the same. A mother of a priest who went through similar trials told me that if I knew how many of them were out there and how many had been and are being thrown under the bus I wouldn't be able to sleep at night.

  7. Servus - it's still bad, I know.

    But I really do think that things are starting to get better, not worse.

    And open hatred and pesecution of the Church will make it more likely that the priests and Bishops will be of the kind who stick to their guns rather than play nice.

  8. Anonymous6:06 AM

    I know I am Anonymous, but all I have to say is this:

    Pray. Pray the Rosary. Often. Every day if you can.

  9. The Corruption of Cardinal Wuerl in Jpeg Evidence, Stats & Witnesses

    March 12 (8 PM) interview of Randy Engel, Mike Ference

    ... notorious Cardinal John Wright and perhaps Donald Wuerl's nexus to. Wright ...


    Pittsburgh knows Donald Wuerl as "Donna Wuerl"

  10. so Father Alfred Kunz was right. There is a lot of rot in the Church. I remember a few years back a priest likening the Church today to a stump with small shoots and leaves and alot of rot. I found it a good analogy albeit not very encouraging. Isn't half the battle admitting something is terribly wrong? I see how much the rot and scandal has affected my own family's faith. Even my parents have adopted the idea that if you can't make it to Mass on Sunday it's ok. My sister was married outside the church and finds nothing wrong with that. Her husband told their children that baptism was a "bunch a crap". Contraception is normal for many "practicing catholics" as is cohabitation. The television has long since replaced the family rosary. The fruits of which are everywhere to see. Immodesty=fashion innocence in children is becoming a thing of the past. Marian Horvat doesn't need to undermine her own integrity by putting her own spin on the messages of Our Lady of Good Success to draw conclusions about the current state of affairs in the Church and world.

  11. Randy Engel is not a trustworthy source. The woman digs for dirt on people, and beloved in some pretty weird stuff - i once saw Robert Sungenis of all people saying she was too trad for saying that the marital act was for procreation ALONE, and that St Augustine was correct in saying it was sinful for any other motive. On that count, she viciously tore into Pope John Paul II.

    This is NOT AT ALL what the Church teaches, and thus woman pushes her own agenda. She is not above the use of hearsay in her attacks, either.

  12. Servus, if one cannot legitimately make it to Mass on Sunday, it's not "okay" but it is not a sin that carries culpability. Sometimes there are circumstances (sickness, no transportation, etc.) that come into play.

    Again, whatever criticisms of Wuerl there are, avoid Ms Engel. Someone who would have considered Fr. John Hardon a liberal, someone who spent so much time ripping apart everything John Paul II taught, obviously is not thinking with the mind of the Church.

  13. You all are right about Engel in many regards--she thinks Paul VI was gay etc--way over the top for me; however, the stories of Wuerl in Pittsburgh are corroborated by many differnt sources viz his support for the homosexuality. He himself, unfortunately, is not what one would refer to as a "manly man", shall we say.

    What this incident w/ Guarnizo highlights is precisely why strong men, capable of true fatherhood, are needed in the priesthood. They will be often called upon to act like real men. This means being capable of withstanding an onslaught of insult from the homosexual contingent.

  14. Maria - I agree with what you said in the second paragraph. We absolutely need men like that.

    However, the woman obviously has an agenda - she has nothing good to say about any prelate an has never shied away from rumors or anything that would make a bishop look bad. She believes certain things that are quite frankly, heretical (a Catholic is no longer free to hold such opinions about the use of marriage), and pushes this as the teaching of the Church.

    If she is right about some things - maybe, but the same can be said of sedevacantists or ultraliberals like Hans Kung. I wouldn't trust anything with her name on it - whatever truth there is is guaranteed to be twisted to support her agenda. She's not saying certain bishops may be corrupt, but that we should view ALL of them, including the Bishop of Rome, with suspicion.

  15. I haven't read enougth of anything that she has written to draw conclusion about her, but she certainly seems to have some strange ideas , for eg, that Benedict is gay et. I think that she seems from little I have read to have gotten a lot right about homosexual priests and their activisim. All I am saying is that Wuerl's background viz Dignity and support of homos is well documented, apart from her.

  16. I understand, Maria.


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