Friday, February 03, 2012

The Susan B. Komen reversal.

At least they tried, huh?

Never trust nonprofits too big to fail - they'll always disappoint you. 

If you are unhappy - just don't support them.  Oops!  You already did.  Donations went up a 100% in 24 hours after the big announcement they were dropping Planned Parenthood.

I hate pink.

UPDATE!  It is official.  Thomas Peters has issued a statement saying everyone needs to take a deep breath - he says there is more to this story than the liberal elite/MSM spin:  Read it here.  To donate to Catholic Vote go here.



  1. RealityCheck2:58 PM

    This is what happens when people are willing to stand up for women's health, reproductive justice, and gender equity.

  2. Killing your own offspring is not women's health, whatever people want to insist on believing. And Planned Parenthood does not even offer mammograms to women but caused just enough mass hysteria to be able to propagate yet another lie.

    As for "reproductive justice", all I can say is that it's too bad calling abortion what it really is continues to be so difficult for some folks that they have to invent clever terms for it. It's still the deliberate killing of a human being and there's nothing "healthy" about it.

    Terry, I know you take a lot of abuse from some of the folks who like to comment here. Please see it as an invitation from God to pray for the person and perhaps plant a seed. The fact that someone takes the trouble to come here and comment when they are clearly in the minority might be a cry for help. I for one will indulge them by praying for their conversion.

  3. Atta girl, Little Way.

    Good on you.


  4. Donations went up a 100% in 24 hours after the big announcement they were dropping Planned Parenthood.

    I smell a head fake on the part of Komen.

    Mayor Bloomberg donated $250K to PP yesterday, and offered to match dollar for dollar all donations up to another $250K. Excuse me, but doesn't New York have a 40% rate of pregnancies ending in abortion? Is he really that stupidly evil so as to reduce his constituency?

    Don't answer that. Sin makes you stupid.

  5. SUPPOSEDLY, if you demand they return your donation, they are complying. I await their call (I had to leave a message) with bated breath.

  6. To get your money back: (per another website)

    Send email request to
    Date of donation
    amount of donation
    Reason you are asking for refund.

    I also included method of payment and how it was made: Online, phone, mail in donation

  7. If you made donations to Komen you need to go to confession for supporting directly a diabolical organization.

    Donations should be made to Holy Mother Church and/or her authorized agents.


  8. Pablo, there is nothing wrong with donating to a secular organization that does real good as long as they do not support real evil (like PP).

    While I don't think a head-fake is entirely accurate, I would have waited before committing money, because I knew they would reverse their decision under pressure.

    RC what does abortion have to do with "reproductive justice" or "gender equality"? In fact, in many places the number of female offspring killed far outweigh the male. Or do you subscribe to the quaint notion that a fetus isn't "really" a baby? Most abortion supporters admit it's a baby now, being killed for a "good" reason.

  9. Satan appears as an angel of light...

    If you believe the baloney that Komen and 'warm and fuzzy' groups spread to mask their diabolical intentions, I have three acres of land on the side of a cliff you are welcome to purchase from me.

    Not wanting to completely hurt your feelings, here is a taste of some 'warm and fuzzy' for you:!

    They have no ulterior motives, do they?

    Love, Love, Love!


  10. The question is, what is Komen's diabolical intentions? To find a cure for breast cancer?

    Even their giving to PP, though evil, was because PP was supposed to provide best cancer screening (funny, since abortion can be tied to breast cancer).

    And what does that obviously diabolical "Mass" presided over by the ultra-liberal Archbishop Vincent Nichols have ANYTHING to do with this? I already knew about that crap, but what does it have to do with breast cancer?

  11. breast cancer, not best cancer

  12. RealityCheck10:50 AM

    Mercury, the World Health Organization, the American Cancer Society, and the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists have all concluded that there is no link between abortion and breast cancer risk. Stop spreading false information that damages women's health.

  13. Reality Check - they are lying. And you are deluded. Big hug.

  14. "...Reality Check - they are lying. And you are deluded...."

    Mr. Nelson,

    Just what exactly is your real opinion?

    What are you trying to say?


  15. Reality Check - and all of the organizations you list classify birth control pills as carcinogens.

  16. Abortion damages women's health physically, mentally, and spiritually. You would literally have to be a retard not to see that. Of course, your type believes all retarded babies should be aborted - already over 90% of downs syndrome kids are killed, ad apparently this will increase, as scientists have just discovered a way to detect Downs much earlier.

  17. RealityCheck3:53 PM

    Mercury, abortion no more damages a woman psychologically than carrying an unwanted pregnancy to term would. Study after study confirms this, just like scientific studies have shown ZERO, repeat, ZERO link between abortion and breast cancer.

    Tell me, is the Ninth Commandment one of those Old Testament laws still in effect, or do you get to bear false witness as long as it's done to slander abortion providers?

  18. RealityCheck3:56 PM


    Sunlight is a carcinogen, too. LOT'S of things are. It's all about amount and relative risk.


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