Thursday, February 02, 2012


St. Thomas on the vice of curiosity.

To apply oneself then to the eager knowing of sensible things may be vicious in two ways: in one way, inasmuch as the sensible knowledge so gained is not directed to anything useful, but rather turns a man away from some profitable inquiry;  in another way, inasmuch as sensible knowledge makes for some evil end, as the looking at a woman makes for lust, and diligent inquiry into others’ doings makes for detraction.


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  2. I understand this.

    There are many people that consider themselves paragons of virtue and above all others in all things, most especially righteousness.

    Their morbid curiosity forces them to demand every detail about others, while viciously guarding all details about themselves.

    Any information gathered about anyone, even Priests, is used to evil ends, even if they have to sit on the information for years.

    You can rest assured when they spring their trap, they remember every little detail, minus any thing wrong they might have done.

    Pray for the Holy Father



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