Saturday, February 04, 2012

Double talk...

And dissimulation...  pervades the culture.

At least it strikes me that way.  The Susan B. Komen for the Cure playground fight is the most recent example of it.  Most of us already knew that the Planned Parenthood extermination camp industry is based upon lies, enthusiastically endorsed by lying politicians, the women's movement, the MSM and God knows who else.  Although I suppose the height of dissimulation is exemplified by President Obama now passing himself off as a religious man, with the claim he bases his policies upon the teaching of Christ...  Although, what if he really believes that?

Even genuinely religious men seem unable to get their stories straight these days.  I'm not saying they are lying, nor do I believe they are trying to deceive, rather I wonder if they are deceived - in other words, deluded?  Like Obama?

The "Pope chased demons from St. Peter's Square"?

Take Fr. Amorth for instance.  He has made some extraordinary claims in the past, in addition to more or less having endorsed dubious mystical revelations and apparitions.  Once again his recent claim that the Holy Father's blessing exorcised two men who were said to be possessed, while attending an event in St. Peter's Square, doesn't exactly square with what the Vatican says happened. 
VATICAN CITY - A blessing by Pope Benedict XVI exorcised the devil from two howling men during a general audience in St. Peter's Square in 2009, a leading Catholic exorcist says in an upcoming book.

Extracts from the book by Gabriele Amorth, a well-known exorcist for the diocese of Rome who has already written two books on treating demonic afflictions, were published in Panorama magazine on Thursday.

The Vatican has denied that the pope performed an exorcism on the men. - Read more here.
I loved that headline though - 'the pope chased demons' out - he doesn't even walk down aisle of the basilica any longer, so I really doubt he could chase anyone - unless his moving platform goes into high speed of course.  Just kidding.  Yeah.  So anyway, what's up with Fr. Amorth?

One thing I am convinced of however: the world is definitely engulfed in one huge diabolical delusion.

Photo:  Exorcism scene from 1961 Polish film:  Mother Joan of the Angels.

[Editor's note:  See how delightful and informative my blog is?  I post on numerous subjects in one succinct post, filled with innuendo and brain teasers, punctuated by intriguing photos...  if I must say so myself.  I'm banned in Boston, you know.]


  1. RealityCheck1:15 PM

    Obama's confused. I thought it's the job of Republicans to pretend they're religious while the Democrats pretend that they care about workers and the middle class, while both work together behind the scenes to fleece us?

    I really hate both our major political parties.

  2. Banned in Boston?

    Do tell.

  3. That guy flashing the Lucifer symbol in your post... is that Illuminati subliminal programming?

    No wonder Roman Protestant Boston has banned you.


  4. Lucifer symbol? Hahahha...

  5. I went to a wedding in Oregon once; my traveling companion was a real slut.

    Many self performed abortions, sex with married men, strangers, and all manner of immoral behavior towards immediate self gratification.

    As we had entered the Church, an old Padre was a few feet away from entering the Confessional.

    As he noticed her walking about ten feet behind me, he made the sign of the cross in her direction.

    All of a sudden, all manner of filth just fell out from within her.

    She smelled so bad, I had to take her back to our hotel and burn the clothes she had been wearing.

    Something happened to her that day.

    She is living a celibate life, and has repented and attends weekly Mass.

    Pray a Hail Mary for that great old Padre of much Faith.


  6. Pablo, that is an awesome story. Man,I can think of several people I'd like to bring in front of that holy Padre!

  7. I would love to meet somebody that can read souls...

    You know, like that Saint that would seat people at Mass and tell them what they had to confess.

    I would like to remember the sins I have conveniently forgotten.

    Don't forget to say a Hail Mary for him, Georgette.

    He was an old Priest, and he had a young girl that took care of him; I think she was a wife and Mommy as I recall.

    I liked her; she was a real cat fighter.

    She loved her Padre and would defend him with her life, I'm sure.

    I liked her.

    I left her alone and did not meddle.

    We need good women to take our old Padres and give them the same tender loving care they would their daddy or granddaddy.


  8. Pablo, you are much braver than me - I'd be scared out of my mind to meet a saint who could read souls!

  9. To he who is given much, much shall be demanded of him.

    Living Saints that can read souls have an awesome responsibility to those souls our Lord sends to them.

    Could you imagine someone saintly that abhors sin, and sees it in it's true ugliness in us, would be repulsed?

    It is said if one soul were to escape from Hell and come among us, the stench and filthiness of that damned soul would kill all on this planet.

    No, that poor Saint would be afraid of us sinners, sorry to say.

    But I get what you mean.


  10. That's what I mean. I have no idea what kind of shit I am to a truly holy person. Even scarier, what am I to God?


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