Friday, February 03, 2012


The Garden of Death -  Hugo Simberg

I'm trying to paint.  I told myself I would do an icon-style painting of Blessed Alberto Marvelli, and I did the drawing and the transfer onto the panel, but I cannot tie myself down to painting something quite so carefully as such a project requires right now.  I haven't painted in over a month.  Part of my neurosis is that I allow myself to become intimidated after going so long without painting.  I lose my focus and can't figure out what to do - and i think everything is worthless.  I spiral down from there. 

Yesterday I decided to paint something fun instead of something so serious as a saint.

Turns out I'm painting a priest levitating holding his tablet, and maybe a cell phone - just for fun - no studies, no drawings - just an untrained amateur painting without rules.

The art shown here is Finnish, it is a detail from a fresco in a cathedral, by 19th century painter Hugo Simberg. 


  1. Well even though you're painting didn't end up in the results that you wanted it to be, I still find that image above wonderful. :D

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  2. Anonymous4:33 AM

    The painting above is striking indeed.
    I am sure the inspiration will come Terry, I love your art so keep going!

  3. Terry - one of my neighbors is into woodworking - makes furniture, hope chests, etc. He told me when he finally got over his fear of making mistakes - he called it "being daring" - his work really blossomed.

    Not sure if that helps...

  4. i'm still waiting for you to add to my tattoo.

  5. My Dad loved watching Bob Ross (the artist/painter) on tv sometimes and I remember Mr. Ross "proclaiming" whenever he accidentally painted something he didn't like, "oh well, a happy-mistake"). So I thought I'd relate that to you. Works for me,too, LOL.. RosaMaria...


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