Sunday, November 27, 2011

Praise for the new translation coming in....

"I am getting some good feedback on the new translation."  Here are a few updates:
"After the congregation stumbled through the Mass last night , myself included, with a few... Then the “and also with your spirit” responses - it became obvious that I wasn't wearing the right shoes - which explained why I stumbled y'know ."  Commented Katrina Fernandez.  "And no - I had not been drinking - yet."  She insisted defiantly.  What?

"I have to say, I almost miss the puppets!" Complained Larry D. who recently withdrew his support for altar girls - despite the fact that as a kid, he only agreed to become a server just to meet chicks - that was after girls were allowed to serve Mass.

"Yeah, well, they closed my parish, so I can't go to Mass anymore."  Lamented Cathy of Alexandria.  "Huh?"  BTW - Cath is having a party at her house next weekend and I guess she'll have some sort of 'celebration' for the new Missal at that time.  Sort of a carry-over from her St. Joan days - "Oh yeah, we're the body of Christ so we can celebrate anywheres."  I have to hope that is not an accurate quote.

"Why'd they screw it up in the first place?  Now I have to pay for new Missals - again.  Someone is making money!"  Bellowed one parish administrator.

"I can see the altar from my house." - Mrs. Stihldrunque raved.

"Who even talks like that anymore?"  Complained one of the older ushers - and his listener replied - "Exactly as it should be - we must elevate our hearts and our thoughts and our words when we speak to God."

"I couldn't understand a thing - it's all in Latin at my church - we don't need an English translation."  Quipped one woman in a blue denim jumper. 

"Well it was amusing," twittered Doris Upson.  "You know, seeing how those people were so confused, obliged to use proper English and all - they're all so accustomed to slang and tweets now days!"

"I very much appreciate the new translation," thus sayeth Terry Nelson of Abbey Roads, adding, "what took so long?"

What conspiracy theorists are claiming:
"What we're dealing with here is a power play on the part of certain people in Rome who wanted to make changes in order, I think, to bring under greater control people in the English-speaking world." - The Rev. Michael Ryan, Rector of St. James Cathedral, Seattle.
That is such a dumb thing to say.


  1. That's a big "almost", Ter.

    The priest at my Mass this morning hadn't practiced enough, either. After blessing the new Sacramentary and Advent wreath immediately following the greeting, he completely forgot to do the Penitential Rite and the Gloria, skipping right to the opening prayer.

    Oh well.

    As to the altar girls - girls have cooties, Ter. Didn't anyone ever tell you that?

  2. Anonymous12:12 PM

    This gal made "the jump" and she never attended a Latin Mass in her life.

    Look! A blog for Terry:


  3. Went to Mass at O'Hare last night on my lunch break. I actually teared up a few times.
    The words are SO beautiful.

  4. The Gloria was not forgotten, it is intentionally omitted during Advent. Skipping the Penitential Rite is another story.

  5. LarryD, don't worry about Gloria, honey, she can take care of herself and you'll see her on Dec. 8.

    During our lecture series, Father told us that a British priest friend reported that the priest at his neighboring parish hadn't practiced when they changed in Sept and threw the Missal. I'm sure we don't have any priests like that here!

    Our lecture, or homily, this morning included exhortations to learn the new words without grumbling.

  6. Cathy - when I read the Eucharistic prayers I was moved similarly. Once the priest catches on, and the prayer flows - it should be beautiful. How cool is it that O'Hare has a chapel.

  7. TLW - ah, I understand. Thanks!

  8. "It really is top drawer."

    Gloria Upson

  9. Terry,
    The Chapels of ORD and MDW are pretty awesome. Mass very frequently, confessions before Mass, and an AWESOME chaplain leading the outfit.
    The fact that I can take my lunch break and go upstairs to confession will always amaze me.


  10. Mass translation truthers. Fabulous.

  11. I don't want to be a gusher... but today was honestly almost pure bliss for me.

    If you have chatted with me, or read my drivel of a blog, you know that things aren't always alright up here in the Last Frontier.

    That said and done, today was something new and beautiful. We are seeing a priest and a parish (not currently our own... but maybe soon?) transform before our eyes. Today was a giant leap forward...

    For some, in more metropolitan areas, with choices... this might not be AS huge of a deal... but for some today... our souls were awakened.

  12. the parish we visited the Pastor gave us a rolled out timeline of the liturgy changes using the altar serving girls and deacon to help hold-up the calculator roll paper that he used. It stretched across the width of the parish ... He had been a history teacher and liked using props to teach ... He seemed very enthusiastic about the changes.

  13. How do you know Mrs. Stihldrunque?

  14. Anonymous3:34 AM

    So funny! We are ahead of you using the new translation for last few months..

  15. Kat - I see her at the liquor store.


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