Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mass Chat: On the new translation.

Same ugly vestments, same music, same orientation...

But the 'new' translation is just fine - I'm so amazed people made such a big deal about it.  That said - the II Eucharistic prayer came off rather awkward - I'm wondering if Father even bothered to rehearse?  Again - not a big deal.  I think a little more needs to be done however.  Definitely a new hymnal, better vestments, and maybe go back to the original altar and direction for Mass - ad orientem. 

One thing my pastor has accomplished is to arrange for the altar servers to be well trained - male or female - they all serve at Mass like angels.  I normally do not pay attention to what the servers are doing, but I recently noticed how well coordinated they have become. 

Let's see... there was something else I wanted to mention.

Oh yeah.

I get the distinct impression that the Extraordinary Form of Mass is increasingly being promoted as being a more Catholic, a more 'holy' Mass.  I've also noted that certain online priests are projecting their personal preferences as the standard, and following the old calendar rather than the new calendar. 


  1. T:

    I agree with the changes being less "drastic" than they could... or even should be. Here in ANC the Archbishop put out a letter changing some "NORMS" for the diocese. In essence all he did was make it so that we follow the GIRM as it is written... and people are asking: "WHY?"

    As for the EF... I am a supporter and devotee, although I no longer have it where I live. That being said, promoting it as the solution to the problems with the Mass dont make sense. If it becomes THE MASS... the same bad vestments, hymnals etc... will become products of that Mass. "NO!" Shouts the online priest... my point is that the "powers that be" will still be in charge in many places and they would find a way to distort things... just as they are doing now...

    I dont know. I am happy for the translation, I am just hoping it is a beginning.

  2. I agree Terry, you do wonder what all the fuss was about. If Canon can embrace it, and offer it without a fault this morning at the great age of 88, then I think that we too can adapt.

    Excellent point about the EF. I am not a devotee. I do not hold with priest blogger's who are constantly pushing the EF as the solution to all the ills in this church, promoting themselves shamelessly along the way.
    If priests feel the need to blog then do it for the good of the faith, not for celebrity status. They are in a position to bring souls back to God. As priests they should foster charity and draw people to the church, not send them running to the hills with this awful elitist arrogance that surrounds the EF.
    Nor should they be constantly criticising their Bishops and Archbishops, because it makes them popular with their 'followers' and sends up their stats.

  3. Priest's Housekeepr: Nicely said, especially the bit about the fame-seeking of some online clergy who push their own agenda (though they'd deny it to the bitter end). We have more than our fair share of that breed in the US.

  4. Joe - although I am still just a kid - I grew up with the EF. ;)

    I have to agree with Priest's Houskeeper and Mhairi on this one.

  5. I like 'em both.

    Every once in a while, we should all remind ourselves that there are millions of people on this planet who risk their lives to sit in a church and hear a boring homily or an offkey singer.

    Hearing "King of Glory" howled by some tone deaf individual two pews over does not a persecution make.

  6. I survived the first round; however, we don't have new missals, but instead an expanded liturgy guide so they can decide what they like before committing.

    We underwent a bit of trauma in the sacristy; it turns out two pulpits are not allowed, so the weekday readers will be climbing steps, Father and the Deacon are sitting on the right side of the sanctuary, the readers are on the left, behind the Cathedra, and I hear rumors of using the altar rail at some point. Might as well, since we have it. Father doesn't foresee the EF in the near future; that can be found down the street.

    In the bulletin, we also got lectured about how to receive communion and that there are only two ways of doing so, and reminded of certain behaviors that should take place during Mass, such as striking one's breast while saying "through my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault."

    Oh! Yesterday I spoke with an older woman who said she was going to make an appt to talk to a priest since there were so many changes to the Mass. I don't know where she was the last 40 years, or even the last 6 weeks. She had no idea that Mass was changing today and had missed both the 6-wk lecture series and Saturday session.

  7. Nan,

    The Chreaster Catholics are going to be really confused at Midnight Mass - ha!


  8. The whole Mass will be said in Russian in 20 years or so anyway.

  9. The old priest dude looks like Fr. Jack from the TV series Fr. Ted...
    Surely you've watched it?
    Drink!!! Girls!!!


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