Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nothing on TV

Dot-Marie Jones

Will Sasso

So I actually watched an episode of Glee to see what it was all about.  While watching I was sure the woman playing the coach was a man.  In fact I thought it was Will Sasso - but I Googled and found out that it is really an actress named Dot-Marie Jones.

Two more separated-at-birth, gender-crossed actors...

Sada Thompson

Eric Stonestreet


  1. I asked a Religious once what was meant by the Catholic prophecy that stated the demons would come out of Hell and walk among us.

    I was told no one would see them because man would be so lost in sin, he would no longer be able to be repulsed by demons.

    They would embrace the demons and give them refuge in their homes as they plotted the death of souls.

    I am against leaving Mexicans in this country here if they have not committed crimes while they were here.

    They might not have been criminals, but they got here with the help of people that did commit murder and mayhem in order to have the criminal enterprise that gets people across the border and supplies them with fake documents and jobs.

    Same principle with 'Actors' that play the parts of homosexuals and lesbians.

    The ground they stand on comes from filth, and nothing will ever change that fact, no matter how much lipstick you put on that pig.


  2. "Saint Michael Come to Our Defense",

    And your thoughts on Glee? :-)

  3. “…And your thoughts on Glee?...”

    In the story of the Prodigal Son, the hogs represent demons, feeding on cornhusks… the husk represent sin. Cornhusks are intended to keep hogs busy, while not really providing nourishment. Hogs never get full while eating husks.

    The same with sin. One never gets full of sin.

    Shows like Glee are intended to keep those in sin busy while their souls are being prepared for the slaughter, just as hogs are prepared.

    Hogs are given some things of the world that they may gain weight and become ready for their eventual demise, but the eating of husks perverts their main reason for existence: they are creatures like any other that are under man’s stewardship.

    They were not created solely for food or profit.

    Glee children have the whole world at their fingertips, and could easily choose repentance and conversion, but they are distracted by the corn husks provided to them through the media.

    During the Six Days of Creation, God created a world for us that was to be the ante-chamber to Heaven.

    Satan is trying hard to create a world for us far removed from Heaven.

    Why should we go along with his “Nonserviam”?


  4. My thoughts on Glee. The last high school show I liked was Square Pegs. The music was kind of cool in the episode of Glee I watched, but the writing was stupid and I see it as propaganda and socially manipulative. I can't stand the femme boy - he needs a bully. ;)

  5. Pardon me.

    I mistakenly thought Mr. Mark was asking my opinion of glee...

    I like your answer better.


  6. The last series I like SJP in was Square Pegs! I loved Tracy Nelson as the Mean Girl. <3 I also loved Ms. Nelson in that Tom Bosley series I never got to watch because my Dad wanted to watch PBS.

    Nobody needs a bully. Especially since teachers are doing that today just like they did so when I went to school.

    But, I thought you would match Eric Stonestreet with Chaz Bono.

    They could be siblings.

    I'm not being mean. I sympathize with Chaz's wieght issues.

  7. Terry - I've caught about 3 episodes of Glee, and that was all I could stomach. In what I saw, the little femme boy did have a big, hulky bully. But the kicker was that the bully was really only bullying because of his self-hatred for secretly having the hots for the femme boy. Because, apparently, that's really the root cause of bullying...

    This is why most of what's on tv is crap.

  8. Kim - that's a hoot! I don't really endorse bullying - but I think boys that effeminate could be taught to butch it up more - but of course that is counter-cultural today when genderlessness has become the ideal.

    I think a little bit of basic training is helpful however - what would these people do if they had to do military service? Basic training isn't exactly etiquette training.

    That said - I still like Modern Family and Big Bang Theory - but I'm on the edge of getting sick of them.

  9. "... secretly having the hots for the femme boy. Because, apparently, that's really the root cause of bullying..."

    We used to cruise around, drink some beer, a little whiskey, and from time to time fist fought some guys that were perturbed we invaded their turf in search of the elusive "Hot babes"

    We had a couple of friends that would fight each other the minute they laid eyes on each other.

    I told them both that seemed to be just wrong.

    Something about it just creeped me out.

    Years later, Jessie finally came out as queer, and got him a man that would dominate him.

    Milo kept having homosexual panics until he finally jumped out of a car on the freeway.

    What happened to these sweet children that took them to these ends?

    Pray for families, especially the children.

    By the way, 'Bullying' is an inherent trait God places in us that makes sexual perversion repulsive to us...."


  10. Pablo, kids get bullied for being small, for getting good grades, for being stupid, for getting bad grades, for being smart, for being religious, for being Catholic, for being Jewish, for being Mexican, for being black, for being white, etc.

    I seriously doubt bullying is placed in us by God.

  11. "...I seriously doubt bullying is placed in us by God..."

    The context I was speaking in was relative Liberal Modernists calling repulsion at pervert acts "Bullying"

    It is not necessary to write a thesis for every comment.

    I believe most readers comprendo things without lengthy dissertations attached,



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