Sunday, November 13, 2011

I watched the debate last night.

Gingrich, Romney, and Perry - politics as usual - same old same old.

Cain - no way in hell.  "You keep talkin', but you ain't sayin' nothin'."

Bachmann - one thing about this woman - she is living proof Palin was clueless and inept.  Bachmann is not dumb.

Ron Paul - I like him.  I agree with him.  He's just so ... old.

If I had to choose - Huntsman and Santorum - my two favorites.


  1. America could have another Catholic President:


  2. I really like Santorum.

  3. Santorum, unlike some of the others, has been solidly pro-life from the start. And he tells it like it is. The only consequences he seems to fear are those that could compromise eternity for him, which is how he lost his senate seat in PA. Unlike Gingrich, he's an authentic Catholic. That's not to say I don't believe people can convert. I'm just not convinced by Newt and I have a hard time with a guy who lived in a glass house while throwing stones.

  4. Little Way, what has Gingrich done SINCE his conversion that indicates he's not authentic? I really don't know, so please say more.


  5. Hi Merc

    First things first.

    I am not at all convinced by his "conversion". Like Romney who's now pro-life, I think it was a politically expedient move for him to make because of his past. So he looks like the same old Gingrich to me, except now he can say he's Catholic. Santorum has no such similar baggage. Receiving a serial adulterer into the Church is akin to making saints of the Kennedys, imho.

    No, I do not have the ability or the right to judge the soul of another, but I do have the right to question a politician's motives, especially one who was carrying on with his current wife (while married to someone else) while he was leading the charge against the adulterer-in-chief. To hear Gingrich blame his immorality on his dedication to the country is not only laughable, it's insulting to my intelligence.

    I prefer Santorum.

  6. First time I ever heard of conversion to Catholicism actually considered as a political advantage! It hardly seems likely to me considering that--in daring to become Catholic--a public figure exposes himself to incredible levels of scorn and potential marginalization. It only takes reading a handful of the sneering editorials written just after his conversion to get a sense of what he faced. Gingrich is a thinker. Is it such a great stretch of the imagination that he would reason himself into the Church like so many before him? He no doubt had the encouragement of his Catholic wife. Their marriage had to be regularized when he joined the Church, and he would have had to confess, too. Confession of serious sins doesn’t smack of political expediency to me. Whether or not Gingrich is a good Catholic, who the heck knows? We’ll just have to wait and see. But he is intelligent, courageous, knowledgeable, experienced. He could be just what we need after suffering under the “leadership” of the current president. I really like Rick Santorum, too. Our country has been a moral sinkhole for far too long now. Santorum could maybe help us turn it around and get it right for a change. I’m not willing to count either one of them out just yet.

  7. "...akin to making saints of the Kennedys,..."

    Rose Kennedy and many other Kennedys were fine people.

    Joe Kennedy Senior could not keep his pants zippered and brought much upon his family, and his ruthless nature in business cursed them.

    I would hope God had mercy on those Kennedys that were invincibly ignorant.

    The daughter that had a lobotomy performed on her hopefully is a saint.

    Poor John John.

    Charity demands we pray for everyone, even if our prayers for them anger God.

    Once upon a time, a man died, and awoke to find himself on a deep, dark, desolate road, with many horrible creatures lurking about, eager to torment him for eternity.

    An Angel appeared, and fear gripped the man's soul like never before.

    "Is this my end? Is this what my life has brought me to?"


    The man looked in the distance and saw a road with a procession of souls that we rejoicing as they celebrated with the Holy Angels for being rewarded with Heaven.

    "This road is the road you have earned in your life through your own merit"

    "And who are those guys? Why am I tormented with seeing their happiness?"

    "Those guys are all the souls you prayed for, known and unknown to you that traveled the road to Heaven thanks to your supplications and interventions on their behalf.

    I have come to take you off your road; the Lord has allowed you to travel with them on the road you built for them to see Him."



  8. Jon Huntsman was a great governor of Utah..we need him back.

    His son Will graduated from Judge of our Catholic high school..and from what I understand is in the Navel Academy.

    His family is part of the 1 percent that everyone is pissed off about. His father Jon Huntsman SR built the Huntsman Cancer Institute in Utah as well as contributes heavily to many other charities.

    Jon would be considered "Jack Mormon" in Utah...but that saying it is tough to be Mormon in about how tough it would be to be Catholic in Vatican City..

    His wife could use a couple of cheeseburgers...

    Just my 2 cents..



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