Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Communion line awareness...

"Everywhere, faithful Catholics lament the long Communion lines and short Confession lines..."

Not me.  I'm too worried about my own unworthiness.  Seriously.


  1. That line is a bit over the top, but the article was good.

    This is coming from someone who used to receive unworthily (okay, we're always unworthy, but you know what I mean) all the time. So many people are actually unaware of the requirement in the first place.

    Of course, so many people don't believe in mortal sin anymore, either.

  2. Not sure about that line. Many Catholics seem very concerned with how their fellow Catholics behave in church and in the communion line in particular.
    I don't think we should judge who has been to confession, if they need confession etc. It has nothing to do with us, we don't walk in their shoes.

  3. Thanks Terry. Isn't there a third position along with feigned holiness and feigned humility? One which focuses on the "we" rather than the "they" or the "I"? I think we should care about both, and prays about both.

  4. Yeah, Terry, there is a lot of unseemly speculation about the state of other people's relationship with God. My late father in law used to say when someone wasn't minding their own business, "Whatsamatter, you got nose trouble or something?"

  5. Melody: I think I'm gonna add that line to family conversations, if you don't mind. :)

  6. Confessions at my parish go on for an hour and a half (longer, if necessary) every week, with two priests hearing confessions. The line usually moves quickly, and it isn't any of my business who is and isn't there before I arrive or after I leave.

    I do hate, however, that I cannot simply close my eyes and ears to the actions of my choir mates the way I can when I am in the pews. We're packed in like sardines in the loft and I can't close my eyes when I'm looking for the next piece of music, so when they do things that strike me as disrespectful or annoying it's hard to refocus, to ignore and forget.

    Some days I think I might have to quit the choir to save my soul. But my husband is the long-suffering organist, and it would be hard on him not to have me there.

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  8. "...you are invited to follow my blog..."

    Mr. Finnell, I viewed your blog and found it to be very Protestant in it's demeanor.

    Try to avoid intimating anti-Catholicism in your approach to the cross.

    Pray for wisdom and await God's reply; don't make up your own.

    It would be good for your soul to have a Roman Catholic (traditional) Spiritual Adviser.

    Please don't choose a Modernist.

    And let him do all the talking.

    God be with you.


  9. Pablo, what about a spiritual advisor who denies the validity of the "Novus Ordo", or who looks with distrust and contempt on the teachings of all popes since (and including) Pius XII, or who insists that the Church demands things she in fact does not demand, or who admires the works of Adolf Hitler as a trustworthy source of information, rather than toilet paper, or who encourages them to follow "bishops" who are in fact charlatans who received illicit consecrations, or who pretend to be the "real" Church, as if the pope and all the bishops have abandoned the Faith and are no longer traditional, and who encourage belief in conspiracy that compromises the ability of the Magisterium to even teach, since it may not match the private interpretation of tradition by some, etc. ?

  10. Some readers of my web site and blogs are Prelates and Cardinals of Rome.

    So far they have not made any comments or assertions as you have.

    Try to calm down, and listen to what Holy Mother Church is trying to tell you.

    Do not let the Devil fool you.

    "The Truth? You can't handle the Truth!"

    That is a line from a movie, but it is true.

    You cannot handle the Truth.

    But neither can many people.

    Et Verbum Caro Factum Est has a conference on the Passion Movie, along with a Meditation of Christ being tortured.

    The Meditation and conference should bring hope to your heart.

    You are not a wounded soul, but you need to fire up and make amends for those souls you have wounded.


  11. What is Holy Mother Church trying to tell me? That the sun revolves around the Earth? That Jews are enemies and that Hitler was right about them? That we need to reject the teachings of the Popes since Pius XII? That we should respect illicitly consecrated "bishops"? Because you have asserted all those things, simply on this blog.

    I have not read most of your websites, but the one I did read made assertions that women who do not get married or become nuns are missing their vocation and displeasing to God, among other things.

    What Truth can I not handle?

    "You are not a wounded soul, but you need to fire up and make amends for those souls you have wounded."

    Pablo, you have no idea who I am, no idea whatsoever. I have wounded souls, as we all have. Anyone who has sinned has wounded other souls.

    I'd say though, that insisting believers accept things that the Church does not require of them is very harmful to souls.

  12. SMCTOD has so much visible pathology that his/her remarks aren't even worth addressing. Sadly, they're are several such people masquerading as orthodox Catholics. Just let them go on.

  13. "...SMCTOD has so much visible pathology..."

    When I work, my employer never has to gift wrap my paycheck come payday.

    I get visible results, which are beneficial to both my employer and our client.

    The human condition is improved.

    We give thanks to God.

    My Psychologist and Psychiatrist friends cannot say the same.

    They have admitted to me privately that they always come up short.

    They are only successful because people are gullible.

    Their learning from books and losers like Sigmund Freud go only to a certain point, and then they stop.

    They stop because educated, scientific psychoanalysis is the same as a shaman living in a hut some where in an isolated part of the world.

    It is all guess work.

    I recommend the Faithful not place their trust in these things.

    Stand on Truth, which is Christ Jesus.

    I heard a great sermon once called 'Seeing through the eyes of Christ'. It is a great sermon, and I will post it on my blog if the Padre ever repeats it.

    Take time before the Blessed Sacrament, contemplate Christ crucified, listen to sermons from traditional Catholic Priests, calm your soul reading the words of Jesus Christ in the Gospel.

    Run, run as fast as you can from those that try to count the grains of sand, or try to re-arrange the Heavens by and through their intelligence.

    Pay no attention to those blind men that try to measure all through psychiatry.


  14. If you really want to see long lines of penitents then take a look at this short clip. But be warned, it has an ‘M’ rating! (Medjugorje)


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