Monday, November 14, 2011

Yes my angel, the pederast really is gay.

Even Sandusky?
Matt Abbott presents a very good study pointing out that pederasty is an aspect of the homosexual condition.  No.  To be sure - NOT all homosexuals are attracted to young men and boys of course - but there is historical, as well as contemporary evidence that pederasty is indeed part of the homosexual condition, lifestyle, milieu, mystique, what have you.  How can I accept such thinking?  All of my molesters were homosexual men, eight to twenty years older than myself - and a couple of them even wanted to 'show me off' to their friends - as if I were a trophy of sorts.
Many "gay" organizations and leaders not only admit to, but support, the sexual abuse of children by homosexuals.

An editorial in the San Francisco Sentinel, a member of the National Lesbian & Gay Journalist's Association, claimed that

    The love between men and boys is at the foundation of homosexuality. For the gay community to imply that boy love is not homosexual love is ridiculous. We must not be seduced into believing misinformation from the press and the government. Child molesting does occur, but there are also positive sexual relations. And we need to support the men and the boys in those relationships. - Homosexuality and the Church Crisis
    One day I must write about a gay man I reported to in a job I once had.  Everyone in the department knew of his proclivity for adolescent boys, but no one ever objected - perhaps due to the fact that the president of the department store company at that time, was a gay pederast himself.
    Art:  Good Samaritan,  G.F. Watts.  Presented as one thing, there is perhaps a subtext to this study for a painting, reminiscent of the classical Rape of Ganymede, the pederast Greek myth associated with Zeus.  I find the image intriguing since it exemplifies the dark side of perpetrators acting in the guise of the Good Samaritan - taking advantage of the wounded and vulnerable, it ends up being the inversion of the spiritual and corporal work of mercy.     Very often those purporting to help disadvantaged youth, not unlike Sandusky, or the late Fr. Ritter, clearly use their charities, and or spiritual guidance to gain access to their victims. Other teachers, coaches, counsellors, secular or religious, along with priests and ministers, have done, and most probably continue to do likewise. 


    1. This is kind of off-topic, but another thing that is weird is that medieval Catholic writers considered 12 to be the age of consent. In the US and Europe, 10-13 was the average age of consent until the late 19th century! Of course, this was for marriage and consummation in marriage, but that is still weird.

      Can anyone imagine marrying at 12 and starting to have children? No wonder death in childbirth was a given.

      This is especially interesting since, psychologically speaking, we're all more or less mentally retarded until age 25 or so, since the brain hasn't fully developed the ability to make thoughtful, long-term decisions.

      Oh well, I guess that's one more thing to imagine God is mad at us about - not married and cranking out kids at age 14? Not in a monastery? Begone evildoer!

    2. I was in Comet with my sons on Saturday & one q good-looking man--a salesman could not take his eyes off my handsome 14 year old be honest he kept following him & I was tempted to smash his face in! err...oops..but I mean!

    3. Mercury~ I have also marveled at the thought myself. However, I partly wonder if at one time the immaturity of a 10-12 year old was not the same as today and the age of mortality lower so the perspective is framed differently. Also, we know much more now about the development of children than we ever have, so we see the inappropriateness now. (Well, MOST of us do.) In a sense though, too, our evolving culture has dumbed us down. There is something with the brain called plasticity. The circuits in the brain actually change from things experienced in the environment/sensory stimulation. It's brain=behavior. They say that now the impulsivity of teens doesn't mature until 21 due to brain development. Has it always been that way? Or were our synapse/circuits maturing earlier long ago before all the inundation of media etc.? Will we soon find that maturity age regarding impulsivity to be later and later?....... Brain plasticity is also used as a possible theory for how one becomes SSA and how it is possible to change from being SSA. Interesting stuff.
      ~KrisM (formerly KM)

    4. How old do you think the Virgin Mary was when she was married to Saint Joseph?

      Because of Original Sin, things are degenerating.

      Sin cannot cause things to grow for God’s greater glory.

      Nothing in what we call ‘Outer Space’ degenerates.

      Only here on Earth. Because of Original Sin.

      “Go forth, be fruitful, and multiply”

      was God’s command to man and woman.

      Satan’s concoction is perversion of sex. Homosexuality, Lesbianism, and so on, comes from the Father of Lies.

      All of it.

      At this point in time with so many people championing homosexual relations, we as Catholics must become more verbal and rude, as this is the only thing these perverts understand.

      It is no problem for me to stand in public and tell anybody a boy’s anus is not to be used as a receptacle for sperm, and while we are at it, a woman’s face isn’t either.

      Cut the queer crap; nobody likes a queer parade in public.

      A closet isn’t just for hiding your clothes when you’re not using them.

      By the way, Science is supposed to complement and explain the nature of things as God has created them.

      Many Modernist exchange God for Science thus paving the way for heretical thinking such as God cannot do something unless Science permits Him to do so.

      Science is not a God; it is a pair of eyeglasses we need to look at God more closely.


    5. "How old do you think the Virgin Mary was when she was married to Saint Joseph?"

      I know that ... but I simply cannot imagine having a thirteen-year-old daughter getting married, having sex, and having children.

      If your daughter, at thirteen, told you she was getting married, how would you react?

      krism - I understand what you mean. But still, I know that my grandparents were all in their early 20s or late teens when they got married, and they didn't have the media bombardment we do today (3 of them grew up on farms).

      18 or 19 is young, but still worlds ahead of 13, 14, even 16 in terms of mental maturity. Even their bodies (both men and women) are much more mature. The idea of having sexual feelings for a 13-year-old seems just .... gross, and rightfully so, I hope.

      Maybe it's not the media, but the way we socialize children ... teenagers are not treated as adults legally or in educational institutions, so maybe that has something to do with it. But interestingly, even in the developed world, average age of marriage is today only slightly less than in the US.

      Frankly, I think it's better that marriage takes place later (though it's getting too late).

      And Pablo, everything in space degenerates - it's called entropy. The difference is that only on earth do we have moral degeneration.

      And by the way, I love your idea about being rude in the public sphere - I think we need to name what gay sex is, and graphically so. We've sanitized it to the point where people just ignore it - same with abortion.

    6. Entropy is a property inherent in matter by virtue of its nature as divisible, made of parts, being composite, temporal, finite, limited and therefore subject to change because imperfect.

      Only God is simple, eternal, infinite, and infinitely perfect in Himself.

      The material principle in all physical being is in constant declination whereas the formal principle, especially of animate being, is in constant quest of the greater perfection of its natural being.

      Before the Fall, these two principles were maintained in a certain balance by reason of the supernatural life of Grace in the soul of Adam. But Original Sin wrecked this fine harmony and introduced a principle of disorder into human nature only, for only the human being sinned.

      For your consideration:

      A brief excerpt of a theological dissertation I placed on a blog...

      St. Thomas emphasizes that creation by God is without either motion or time, without any effort or exertion.

      Creation is not change … creation is without movement… Creation does not mean the building up of a composite thing from pre-existing principles; but it means that the composite is created so that it is brought into being at the same time with all its principles ... creation is the production of the whole being and not only of matter ... creation is the proper act of God alone. (ST, I, Q 45, a 2, ad 2, ad 3: a 4, ad 2-3, a 5)
      The preservation of things by God is a continuation of that action whereby He gives existence, which action is without either motion or time; so also the preservation of light in the sir is by the continual influence of the sun. (ST, I, Q 1O4, a 1, ad 4)

      So it is clear that God does not create by any kind of process. His creative act is eternal like Himself but produces effects, products that are full of temporal processes. God’s creative act produces fully formed and functioning products or beings.

      This characteristic of God’s creative action is described as perfectly as is possible for human language to do so in the first three chapters of Genesis. Even when it is a question of the formation instead of creation ex nihilo, as with light, God says: "Be light made!" Or with the plant kingdom: "Let the earth bring forth! . . . And it was done!" "Let the waters teem!"

      The apparent process involved in the formation of Adam’s body from the slime of the earth and of Eve’s body from Adam’s rib is an indication of the care God took with humankind and of the specialty of our formation.

      He has touched us with His Hands, whereas all other things were brought forth by His spoken Word.

      Somehow we are more intimately His creatures by reason of these special acts of His creative power.

      Read Garden of Eden and Entropy here:

      I am the dumbest one of everybody I know.


    7. Pablo, I think what you are describing is similar to the concept that creation, from God's perspective, is not a one-time act, but an ongoing and sustained thing ... yet because He is outside of time, it's not sequential, even though it appears that way to us (being in time).

      You're not all that dumb, man :)

    8. Mercury, I think the early age of marriage and childbearing in ages gone by is more understandable when we consider the shortened life spans of the distant past, or even not so distant. If you knew that most people weren't going to make it past their forties, life acquired a certain urgency. If you were a parent, you would have wanted to see your daughters married and provided for before you yourself died; because there weren't any (honest)ways for a girl to make a living back then.
      People were also more likely to live near their extended families, so there was more family support for a young couple.
      But all things considered, I'm very glad I didn't get married that young. I thought I was so mature when I got married at 21; I look back and think "Not!"

    9. On the subject of people like Fr. Ritter and Sandusky; they may have originally started out in sincerity; and later fell into darkness. One of the people I work with mentioned that he thought the devil was likely to work harder on the weaknesses of someone who was trying to do good. The person who said this is a Methodist, I don't know why I was surprised to hear him say it.

    10. I'm just sorry for all you have suffered, Terri. Around all the shock of the Penn State abuses are victims, now young adults, who I pray will turn to God for healing +

    11. This might have been a more effective post if you had written "fudge packer." Ya know. It's more compassionate.

    12. Thom, SFO. Nicely said.


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