Friday, November 11, 2011

Good Bye Anonymice

Anonymous comments are once again closed for awhile.  I think some of my anonymous commenters start drinking pretty early on Fridays - or they are still drunk after being up so late on Thursday night.  Weekends seem to be the opportune time for anonymice to leave their sometimes passive-aggressive, most times, mean-spirited comments.  I find the anonymous harassment annoying, largely because they are cheap shots without any back-up.  Obviously I am getting under someones skin - just because I exist.   One would imagine these people would be happy to identify themselves, especially since they feel the need to assert their superiority over myself.  I certainly won't contest that however.

That said, it is apparent at least one or two of my anonymice enemies are known on the blogosphere and therefore they want/need to hide their identity to preserve their good Catholic image.  It is a typical example of church-people duplicity and dishonesty - and is down right hypocritical.  Which may be why they were so easily dismissed in the first place...

A journalist asked me recently why I blog about such people - especially concerning the shadowy side of Catholics in monasteries, parishes, as well as the assortment of online Catholic dissociative personalities.  I answered I just find it interesting to point out that it doesn't matter if one is conservative or liberal, traditional or moderate, or even progressive - the Church has always been comprised of sinners and phonies working a rather vulnerable audience.  I'm right with them of course - but at least I try really hard to be honest about it.

So don't be afraid to criticize, shame, condemn or ridicule me - just identify yourself for what you are when doing so. 


  1. I thought you had closed down Anonymous a long time ago?
    Don't give those Trolls a thought! Keep on doing what you do best. Paint, Blog and say it as it is!
    No complaints from me.

  2. Even when people do have a stage name, nom de plume, when you click on it, there is a notice that blogger has not set up an account.

    I think this is worse than Anonymous bloggers.

    Can you see who and what I am when you click on my identity?

    You forgot to mention some of us commentators have no shame.


  3. SMCTOD:

    In answer to your question yes I can see your profile.

    But furtther to your comment: some non- anonymous commentators- when you are led to their profiles they are either "private" or they have nothing on their profiles. SO in short even non-anonymous commenters can be unknown

  4. We used to start drinking pretty early on Fridays at work all the time and it was no big deal.

  5. +JMJ+

    I've been paddling around a very different blogosphere lately where nearly everyone blogs or comments anonymously and it actually isn't a problem. This isn't to say there aren't ever nasty comments left in drive by shootings (because there are), but one marked difference is that the angry anonymice in the other blogosphere are probably not people trying to protect their own online personality cults.

  6. Actually one of them has neither a personality nor a cult. I crack myself up!

  7. I don't blame you, Terry. Anonymous trolls don't deserve the time of day.
    BTW, I think your Bosch-esque picture is cool.

  8. OT--

    But fans of the Occupy movement might want to read what happened at Pioneer Park with the Occupy Salt Lake folks..


  9. Melody - the image shown on the earlier post is the Bosch - I haven't finished mine yet. Mine will be more caricature - although following the Bosch composition. It truly is more a cartoon. It's just a fun piece.

  10. Looking forward to seeing your version!


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