"Are we prepared to promote conditions in which the living contact with God can be reestablished? For our lives today have become godless to the point of complete vacuity. God is no longer with us in the conscious sense of the word. He is denied, ignored, excluded from every claim to have a part in our daily life." - Alfred Delp, S.J.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Topics I might bring up if I was trying to make conversation with Cathy over coffee...

Stuff like that.
Hey - I apologize for not responding to emails and comments - I've been rather preoccupied lately - a lot on my mind...

  • So - get this:  Obama is the first black president and the country may have to go on welfare.  How ironic.
  • There is a bobble head doll of Bishop Trautman - who will be the first to send one to Fr. Z?  You know he wants one.
  • So - the usual complaints about the travesty of World Youth Day are beginning to be raised on conservative blogs for peace.  Questions and commentary such as: What for?  Oh!  The liturgical abuses!  The nakedness!  The pope-olatry!  Why can't Michael Voris talk about sex there?  Nun's dancing?  All the old church-ladies are complaining about nothing that concerns them...  Not you Kat - I was really thinking of Alice here - you know Alice. 
  • Did you see the video of black men shooting up a bus in Philadelphia?  Then at the Wisconsin State Fair black people were attacking white people.  What up with that?
  • So Cardinal Burke and Bishop Lori address the K of C at some sort of national convention, and praise the group, but Michael Voris resigned because the Knights of Columbus aren't Catholic enough.  I wonder if Voris doesn't protest too much at times?  FYI:  Voris has Robert Redford looks - not Justin Beiber. 
  • The famine.  Somalia.  Stuff like this keeps happening - and it doesn't have to be this way. 
  • At the doctor's office the other day, the waiting room was full of Somalis.  They all had insurance cards.  I don't have health insurance so I'm self-pay - I'm fine with that.  But seeing all the Somalis, who cannot speak English with insurance cards was weird however.  Especially when my doctors ask me, 'when are you going to get insurance, so we can do more tests, treatment, etc..'  I find it so strange, because I can't afford insurance, and I don't qualify for Somali-care...  I wondered what St. Francis and his fiars would have done if they were required to have insurance?  Even the poor in this country are not really poor.  Not yet anyway.
  • I've been reading Heather King lately.  She strikes me as someone very authentic.  She seems to be  terribly popular now as well - popularity frequently is a stabilizing agent - one can find oneself part of an establishment after achieving some sort of recognition.  I think that can inhibit spontaneity at times.  It's a danger online.  Anyway - King's friendship with St. Therese is refreshing - so she will most likely be fine.
  • I've noticed how some blogs - or their authors, usually inhabit certain spaces, or rather become part of a hierarchy within their particular sub-group.  I don't want to label the groups however - especially with terms such as neo-con or something else, since labels always end up being derogatory terms used in a disagreement.  Within these sub-groups there is a sort of conformity of style and interest, as well as purpose...  I'm not sure what I'm getting at, but some sort of conformity is expected, a certain decorum, etiquette and agreement is required in order to be included or accepted by them. 
  • Anyway - I can't do that with my blog or my online presence.  I can't post for dollars or hits or comments; and never, ever for followers or 'friends'.  I never want to be popular.  I can't think of anything more restricting or uncreative.
Gotta go - all this coffee makes me have to pee.


  1. Blogs are like bars, well some are, the ones I like to frequent.

    Your bar, sorry blog, reminds me of Cheers the TV show and I imagine you as the guy who ran it. All sorts of regulars walk in and then now and again a newcomer in town. As each tries to find out about the new guy or impress him, the others bring up one of our defects of character and expose us, before the Johnny come lately has got to know us or agree with our point of view.

    It's almost my local, here. If I got barred for unruly behaviour, I wouldn't have anywhere to go. Then again, I wouldn't have to be banned for life I guess? Maybe just for a month or so?

    Other blogs are like cafe bars, such as Kat's, which I really oughtn't to visit too often, as some of her friends really get my goat and too much coffee can make me cranky. She does do nice ice cream though.....

    Then there are the priestly hole type blogs, where you can relax and meditate or scare yourself half to death reading their fans/followers/benefactors comments.

    I haven't hosted a night at my place for ages, my sound system has been playing up and my regulars like a bit of music, even if it's only in the background as they read.

    Michael Voris champing at the bit again. O Michael. I wonder when he last had a good cry.

    He's 49, going on 50 apparently, if not 50 already. He looks good for his age.

  2. I like the bar analogy - that fits! Thanks! You are always welcome here.

  3. The K of C here in Michigan - in the local Detroit area especially - is in bad shape.

    If you're paying out of pocket for health care, you should be able to get lower rates from the doctor. Ask about it - they loooooove getting cash rather than having to slog through the bureaucracy.

    I got stung by a bee today.

    re: blogaucracy. Yeah, I'm noticing it too. But you're welcome in my sub-sub-sub-sub group anytime!

  4. Voris may have had good looks at one point, but I saw a rare close-up photo of his face yesterday on a page, not good. Just saying.

    And his hair is Bieber, definitely not the rest of him.

  5. Shadow, I think he might have gone through a windshield (sorry, windscreen) at some point. Not to be uncharitable, but I think he might have had an accident at some point.

    See here for example. Michael Voris in a whole new light: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EvHtQQ5FdBk&feature=related

  6. Hey everyone! I managed to get hold of one of Terry's security video tapes that he keeps running when the combox is open. I've posted a clip on my blog! See if you spot anyone.

    Clark, Michael is kinda growing on me. Not least because his own Rome meeting took place in an Irish looking bar.

    He still scares me.

  7. I have no problems with Michael Voris. It is good to have someone speaking out. You mentioned his good looks for his age and I'm suggesting that based on the video I linked, he might have been in an accident. Why on earth would he "scare" you?

  8. Clark

    He reminds me of people in my past, fundamentalists of protestant persuasions and ex-smokers for example.

    I am only beginning to warm to him as a person because Larry vouches for him and Larry is a respected catholic blogger who is sensible (ish) and knows Michael personally. I know he preaches catholicism, but anyone of us can quote truth, it's only as we see each other go through different mood swings that we get to know our defects and strengths. I don't have a clue who Michael is, whether he's married, divorced, has kids. Nowt. Even John Corapi had a testimony tape, such as it was. If a guy is going to wave his ideals at me, I need something to identify with him with, as a person, as well as a sermon.

    A human encounter?

    Otherwise, there is something missing. Non-authentic.

    And that scares me too, for some reason.

    However, like I say, Larry has convinced me to look deeper.His kind of energy would wear me out though, if I had to live with it. I mean Michael, not Larry, who spends most days sleeping in a garden shed, or so I'm told on good authority.

    I'll go check out your video link now, but I find after a certain age, the camera can be cruel to one's degenerative tendencies. Correct lighting is a must past forty!

    Be thankful if you've still got those years to reach.

    Terry's right though, he does have a Rob Redford look.

  9. Are those Knights of Columbus in the picture at the top?

    My grandfather had the highest rank in the KofCs,though he never wore the regalia 'cause he thought the "skunk hat" was ridiculous.

  10. My grandfather was buried in his K of C cape; I have photos. Very Grampa Munster.

  11. @Clark - interesting video. He definitely appears to have some pretty heavy scarring and I've known for a long time he wears a full wig. I'm thinking the wig is kept long over the forehead to cover scars.

    Larry may know something since they're friends.

    I like Michael Voris...

    P.S. Terry and Larry are two Catholic bloggers, of the very few I visit anymore, who don't make me want to stop being Catholic.

  12. Shadow, That is why I keep plugging this video of him on a Canadian talk show. He seems much more human in that interview and explains his motivations. I agree I don't like taking advice from someone who just pops out of nowhere, especially with everything going on in the Church. Which is why Padre Zee gives me pause, why no virtually nothing about who he is or what his position is in the Church.

    I think the situation has been worse for Catholics in the States than in the UK. I think suffering forces people to cling a little tighter to the Church and keeps Catholics more united. We had no recourse for the last 40 years, people got angry and now they're coming together through this strange medium, called the internetz. You are probably aware of all that.

    Back in the year 2000, I read an article about something so scandalous happening between bishops in California that I almost lost my faith. It was then that I realized needed to take a step back from reading about the craziness. For 9 years I didn't read Catholic publications, not even my parish bulletin. So, I am new to all the blogs and in some ways they piss me off and get me worked up, but they also give me hope. It is inspiring to see how many people care about their faith. Left, right, trads, agnostics, liturgy snobs, Med Heads, whatever your thing is...we're all here together hashing it out and I think that's great. I am more concerned about the apathetic and oh, how many of those do I meet.

  13. Clark

    Check this link.It's a three part video series: Michael Voris - Role of the Priesthood, It's evangelising!


    I haven't heard it all yet but his voice seems very gentle compared to the daily videos. Nice.

  14. Terry:

    The check is in the mail for letting me post here, oh and I have hit my monthly quota for linking to you!

    Wait, I'm kidding... this will really be embarrassing if someone thinks that I am serious. I am not.

    In all seriousness, I think that as a blogger, I have gone through phases where certain "elements" of blogging I have participated in due to a group-think or "hierarchy" mentality. I used to have a donate button, worry about readers (still to some degree?), and try and get "well known" but at this point I am using my blog more and more as I used to - spiritual growth and friendship.

    I do think that "groups" are ok, as long as they are fraternal and not hierarchical. I dont know how to define that better.

    I do appreciate the "blog-ships" I make with some people though. Living where I do, I appreciate the back and forth I have with you, Larry, Cathy (well, not really her, I am not yet a level 5 Catholic blogger so she ignores me - joking!) etc...

    Ok, I have had too much coffee and need to stop typing.*

    *NB: I didn't just say that, or format this comment to appear to be similar to Terry to fit into his sub-sub-clan.

  15. Anonymous8:14 PM

    Dear Terry,

    Please take down the photo. It is yucky and leads me to thoughts that I am fighting with right now. Thank you. I am working on "custody of the eyes."



  16. Those handsome young men look like they could use a dab of sunblock.. :)

    I guess I am pretty lucky...my skin is in pretty good shape...I think all due to an episode with pre-skin cancer in my mid 20's and the dermatoligist said "No more tanning for YOU!!" I apply a good sunscreen each day. Drinking plenty of water and exfoliating with baking soda every couple of days keeps the roughness away. I have naturally oily skin so I also think that helps.

    I must admit I get a shot of dysport between the eyes every 3-4 months or so...but the benefit of that is also no more squinting tension headaches :) And yes I can still raise my eyebrows :)

    I LUV this little coffee shop too :) Shadowlands can bring us some REAL scones..only place I've found them in the US where they are any good is in the Pacific Northwest...here in Utah scones are frybread, what an abomination!!


  17. Shadowlands - thank you for the kind words.

    Michael's single and never been married.

    While I know him and have spoken face to face to him on numerous occasions, we've never "hung out" together. I have a couple friends who have him over for dinner on many an occasion, and they would be able to vouch for his character much better than I.

    Watch his videos, check out the materials on the 'free-side' at RealCatholicTV, watch that interview, or go to St Michael's Media for additional info - then make up your mind.

    I like Michael, I admire his total commitment to the Church and the personal sacrifices he has made for his apostolate, and I consider him an acquaintance more than a friend. We primarily have a customer/supplier relationship (I provide him most of his shipping/packaging supplies), so I want to be up front about that as well - but when I go to the studios, if he's there, he always takes some time to chat.

    But I won't defend him against attacks or criticisms on the Internet, even from other apologists and evangelists. He's quite capable of defending himself, if he chose to do so. And what good would come from it anyway? Nothing. Just long back and forths resolving nothing.

    To me, if someone has an issue with Michael, they should email him directly - it's at the St Michael's Media website - and have a conversation like two grown adults ought to do. To my knowledge, the folks who complain about Michael have never spoken directly to him. But they certainly know a lot about him nonetheless. Funny that, no?

  18. Sorry Katie - I'll take it down.

  19. Terry - I can see up the monsignor's skirt ... can you please just put up the picture of Benedict XIII with the cigarette (and yes I had to search popes on Wikipedia to find out which one he was)?

    Just kidding, Katie - I understand where you're coming from, believe me, but I couldn't pass that one up :)

  20. Michael Voris is SINGLE??

    HHmm..I need to send him an email and invite him horseback riding..show him the lovely mountain country of Utah :)

    And Mercury re Monsignor's skirt--perhaps we need to gently suggest to him that that is what tights are for, if he's goingt o be tightrope walking.... :)


  21. Anonymous12:34 AM

    Thank you for taking that other picture down. I saw it earlier today and it was on my mind and I ended up...sigh

  22. "I've noticed how some blogs - or their authors, usually inhabit certain spaces, or rather become part of a hierarchy within their particular sub-group." Welcome back to High School.

  23. Katie and Anonymous - I will do some penance and pray my rosary for you. God bless.

  24. Anonymous2:11 PM

    Thanks for the prayers Terry. I am in of need of all I can get.

    You are in my prayers, too.



  25. Fr Erik--

    or Jr High.....my Jr High was especially brutal...


  26. Terry, I am sorry to hear about the health-care cost hassles. Friends who work in health care tell me that private pay patients are sometimes the only ones who pay full price; the insurance companies, PPO's, HMO's, etc. negotiate a lower price. Volume discount, or something. Any chance you are somewhat near to being Medicare eligible? That would at least be some help.
    My husband had a couple of "minor" procedures done earlier this year. (You know what the definition of minor surgery is; it's what happens to somebody else) Before it was all said and done, the bills were nearly $25,000. Thank God we have insurance through my job.
    Prayers for your health issues; that they will be able to be resolved without breaking the bank.

  27. Anonymous6:43 PM

    Thanks for the prayers Terry. I need them.


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