Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Franciscan Feast of Our Lady of the Angels

The "Great Pardon" of Assisi.
In a vision at the Chapel of Our Lady of the Angels, the Lord, accompanied by the Blessed Virgin, instructed St. Francis of Assisi to ask whatever favor he desired. St. Francis asked for what came to be known as the Porziuncula Indulgence, otherwise known as the Great Pardon of Assisi. He asked that those who would devoutly visit the Chapel would be forgiven all of their sins and the punishment due them. (This remarkable pardon is similar to the 20th century feast of Divine Mercy.)
At one time, the Pardon was reserved for those who would visit the Chapel on the afternoon of the 1st and all day on the 2nd of August, the 2nd being the feast of Our Lady of the Angels. Over the centuries, the Popes have extended the favor to include every parish Church, beginning at noon of the 1st and ending at midnight of the 2nd of August. (This type of plenary indulgence is known as toties quoties.)
To obtain the plenary indulgence, a person must visit the Chapel of Our Lady of the Angels at Assisi, a Franciscan sanctuary, or one's parish Church, with the intention of honoring Our Lady of the Angels. (At the Chapel in Assisi, the indulgence may be gained on any day throughout the year.)
One must be free of any attachment to venial and mortal sin, and truly repentant. (Don't let that scare you - one may have the 'will' to be free of attachment.) Therefore, it is necessary to make Sacramental Confession, preferably 8 days before or after the visit. It is also necessary to assist at Mass and receive Holy Communion 8 days before or after the feast, although communicating on the feast is customary. It is also required that a person recite the Creed and pray the Our Father, for the intentions of the Holy Father.
Photo:  Porziuncula in the Basilica of OL of the Angels, Assisi.  The spiritual heart and home of Franciscans world wide.


  1. Thank you for the reminder, Mr. Nelson.

    ("toties quoties" still sounds like a breakfast cereal to me.)

  2. Susan6:35 AM

    How wonderful! My pastor is a former Franciscan (now a diocesan priest), and I am sure he will remind us all of this at Mass today.

    Typical of St. Francis to remember his poor brothers and sisters instead of asking for something himself.

    Blessings from Akron

  3. A Little Lower Than the Angels

    A few years ago my friend Judy was driving to a conference where she would be speaking. Judy was in the convent for many years and I would describe her highly organized, efficient, humble, prim, and quiet. I think she wears the same 4 or 5 dresses and suits she purchased when she left the convent. She also has a wonderful sense of humor. You'd like Judy. Judy is also open to higher love.

    This particular morning she had gotten an early start and stopped off for a cup of coffee on the way to the conference. As she sat sipping coffee and looking over her notes, she noticed a gruff looking truck driver walk in, sit down in front of her and light a cigarette. He sat giving her some pretty hard looks. Judy quickly gathered her things to get back on the road when she heard a voice inside of her say, "Tell that man how much I love him." She replied inwardly, "Here Lord? Now? At McDonalds?" Suddenly she felt what she could only describe as a shock shoot through her body from head to toe with a thundering shout in her ears, "Do it!" She jumped to her feet in shock and timidly approached the man blowing smoke in her direction. She said, "I don't know why, but I just felt the Lord wanted me to tell you how much he loves you." With a tear filled smile the man looked up and said, "Lady, my wife and I have been having a lot of financial problems and I was just sitting here wondering if I should end it all so she and the kids could live off the insurance money. That was exactly what I needed to hear." Judy stood and held his hand and cried and prayed with him.

    We too have the power to love, guide, protect and encourage. Who can you be a guardian angel to? I acknowledge the angelic powers within each of you. I am Sharon Gee be with love today.

  4. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Get your own blog Sharon!

  5. Anonymous5:58 PM

    I have never felt such peace as I did at that Chapel. Oh how I wish I would have known of this indulgence whwn I was there. I still get chills thinking of the supernatural peace there.



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