Friday, August 05, 2011

OMIGOSH! So there I was looking out my window...

And I saw poodles running.
Well, just a bald guy walking a big black poodle! 
So what has happened to Corapi?  No one covers him any longer.


  1. That's a very cute poodle. :-)

  2. Also,

    I saw poo-oodles / flow-owing-i-ing / from the right side of the te-e-em-ple.

  3. I wonder what he'll wear in the next video?

    He spent so many years selling the gospel, I wonder how he will package belief, in his new series?

    Or if any of the 'God' channels will pick him up. I am just thinking from a purely business point of view here. Joyce Myers, who I like to listen to, because she makes my esteem rise for a good two hours (better than any booze and without the hangover)and gives me clever arsed sounding sentences to use on the kids (the grown ones) to get them to behave, has a huge following and owns a house worth about nine million, I believe.

    There are many fundamentalist Protestants, who are anti-Catholic aswell, so an 'ex'-priest with a 'soldierish' sounding gospel message would really make some serious dosh.

    Not that John Corapi would ever exploit such a business opportunity, were it to present itself, ofcourse.

  4. Thom, LOL, baaaad!
    Now I'll be hearing that tune in my head all day.

  5. A Random Friar8:06 AM

    Pray that he is seeking help and is staying out of the limelight on purpose. Whether he brought it on himself or not, it is one very deep crash.

  6. And a poodle in the snow on this feast of Our Lady of the Snow...

    Terry, are you on heavy drugs for your eye situation? What's the status on that btw? My mother went through this a few years ago (with both eyes actually) and laser surgery did the trick.

  7. Melody, every time I hear it it becomes lodged in my head, too.

    You're welcome. :-)

  8. "Pray that he is seeking help and is staying out of the limelight on purpose. Whether he brought it on himself or not, it is one very deep crash."

    I do pray for him and hope he is dismantling his act, rather than 'getting it together'.

    However, I don't believe he should be selling any more goods to innocent souls, they need prayers and protection too. It's not ALL about John Corapi. He has at least fifty six thousand 'fans' who pay good cash to hear where they are going wrong and what to expect on Judgment day. I bought his wares myself, they helped me approach Our Lady. His addiction CD made me see his vulnerability, again, good, It didn't help me get sober.

    His prices made me see his victims.


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