Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Immaculata

The Immaculata, T. Nelson 2011
acrylic on gesso

I told Kat I would post an example of a retablo on gesso/wood with transparent washes.  I painted it for an ornate Peruvian frame.
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  1. Kimvandapool2:01 AM

    Beautiful, LOVE it!!!

  2. I feel esteemed/blessed that I know you personally (so to speak), knowing you make beautiful creations like this, for the glory of God.
    God Bless

  3. Aw shucks! Thanks y'all. I think the frame makes it look better than it is - but I appreciate your kindness.

  4. Very like it Terry, btw where did you bought/get the frame?

  5. Terry, that's gorgeous. When are you going to sketch the addition to my tattoo?

  6. Another beautiful painting Terry. Do you enhance the frames you find as well?

  7. "...addition to my tattoo?"

    DB, Don't defile your body.

  8. Hey Doughboy--great idea..Terry can design religious tattoos!!

    I'm deserately seeking a very feminine rendition of the Sacred heart/Immaculat Heart that doesn't look like some biker scrawl or Hispanic shrine..

    I have my Chi ro design that I have yet to be applied..maybe next time I'm in Vegas :)


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  10. sara: i agree! i love my current tattoo but wanna add onto it & can't find a decent artist to assist, but i totally trust master nelson. looking to get a half-sleeve possibly or just around the rotator cuff.

  11. I love the colors and the frame is fantastic. I was playing around with crayons today, at your suggestion.

    It looked horrible. I will post it tomorrow... as a lesson for me to stay out of my kid's school supplies.


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