Thursday, August 25, 2011

Online pamphleteers.

Henry Karlson has a very good post on some of the same issues I am wrestling with regarding the blogosphere-ium.  The Bully Pulpit
The internet, therefore, has become a bully pulpit. It is not the first bully pulpit nor will it be the last. During the Reformation, the Church ignored the bully pulpit of its day, the pamphleteers, allowing a voice to be had which was not met with a sufficient answer in return. When the Church recognized the problem it had before them, it was too late, the damage was done, and the hostile forces had carved out a significant portion of Christendom from the Church, using all that was negative and in need of reform to justify theological views which were and are unworthy of the Christian. - Henry Karlson
Self-criticism and review- it's a good thing.


BTW:  This blog will come to an end sometime in 2012 as foretold by the Mayan calendar.  Although that could be mitigated...


  1. "... the Church ignored the bully pulpit of its day, the pamphleteers, allowing a voice to be had which was not met with a sufficient answer in return..."

    Crucify Him!

    Crucify Him!

    The Church did listen to the crowd, and the Holy Pontiff spat in the face of God and stated "Let His blood be upon us and upon our children".

    The blogosphere is not intended to provide the Sacraments.

    It is intended to catechize the Faithful and help those that are blind gain their sight.

    Society never criticizes the works of Satan, but just try to speak of the Kingdom of Christ, and you become a 'bully pulpit'.

    Just like the homosexual crowd chastises people that are offended by perverts sodomizing little children.

    A Saint once said at the end of times, Good will be called evil, and evil will be called good.

    Don't let the devil cover your soul with darkness and despair, and remember the times you knelt before the Blessed Sacrament and swore you loved Him.

    During the heat of battle Christ asked Peter "Do you love Me?"

    Try to give a more convincing answer than Peter gave, for our Divine Master is asking you in this heat of battle for your soul:

    "Do you love Me?"

    And be ashamed that God has to ask you.


  2. Maria, I think other people call them trolls.

    How's the new job?

  3. I think we should stop calling each other names, right? It starts on Monday, Terry. I have done everything but give them my DNA and have a chip installed in my brain. LOL.

  4. Terry: You are a sweetheart to ask :) I am also sorry that you have been struggling. It so easy to forget that behind the keys are human being with their fallen nature, or what Hardon liked to call our "falling" nature, lol...

  5. Henry Karlson4:38 AM

    Toadie=A side kick, a tag-a-long, one who is sent to do the dirty work

    Ever see "A Christmas Story?" Remember the bully's sidekick? That is a toadie.

  6. Thanks Henry, I didn't make the connection.

  7. Maria, congratulations! I did not know you found work, probably due to my own ignorance and not paying enough attention. God bless. Joyce


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