Monday, August 22, 2011

Falling from the sky?

Or ascending?
Yesterday I made my afternoon prayer outside in the yard - Sundays are so quiet.  While praying the rosary I laid my head back as far as I could and looked straight up into the clouds and blue sky.  I imagined myself flying, swooping down upon the ocean, since on a bright day, the ocean seen through clouds looks much the same as the sky seen through clouds - then I flew back up, way into the clouds.
I like that - I'm often reminded of Betsy Ten Boom in the concentration camp - she did the same thing - she left the misery of the camps like that, and soared above, into the immensity of God. 


  1. i also do this... most of the time when i get bored.... i pretend that i am the only one in the sky looking down on the immensity of the world. it is so peaceful

    God Bless


    That is all.


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