Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What up with that?

Some days I get really exasperated with 'the gays'...
Like, what's with all the fellowship bullshit at Mass? You don't feel welcome?  Why bother going then?  I don't go to Mass with expectations of being the center of attention and accolades for just showing up.  I don't expect to have some special welcoming committee glad handing me when I walk in.  I don't need to be hugged or have my hand held throughout the Lord's Prayer.  I don't want to have to stop and chat after Mass while I'm trying to make my thanksgiving.  I'm not there to party. 
I go to Mass to pray, to worship, to thank God, to praise God, to ask for God's mercy.  I go to Mass because the Love of God attracts me.  It is God who first loved me that draws me.  I go because I hunger and thirst for Him in the Eucharist.  I definitely feel loved by God in the Eucharist, at Mass, in church.   And the people are nice - sometimes, sometimes not.  There's the bitch who looks down her nose if I wear shorts, the couple who watches me for I don't know what, and the occasional jerk who never says hello or smiles when I say hi and give him a big smile every week.  That's life. 
The Church isn't a country club.
So rather than pissing and moaning that they don't 'feel' accepted by other Catholics at Mass - maybe gay people should take a personal inventory of themselves and answer a few questions about their personal prejudices and lack of acceptance of others.  For instance:    

Do you accept other Catholics who may not like you?  Ignore you?  Sneer at you?
Do you know that single heterosexuals also feel out of place at times in group and family situations?
Do you accept Catholic couples who seem to have at least one baby every year with the other 10 annoying you during the homily?
Likewise, do you accept those families who want to raise their children in line with Catholic teaching?
Do you accept church-ladies and busy-bodies who are always part of parish life?
Do you accept the discipline of the Church regarding reception of the Eucharist?
Do you support the bishops who refuse to permit pro-gay activist groups to meet on Church property?

Do you accept Catholic teaching on faith and morals?
Photo: Holy Redeemer, San Francisco, Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.  That's normal, huh? 


  1. Terry said:

    'Some days I get really exasperated with 'the gays'...'

    I hope that YOU, find the peace that YOU, need to deal with YOUR exasperation and it's root.

    What Terry goes on to say re typical catholic Mass goers, It's true unfortunately. There are some pernickity little bastards in the pews, but rather that they are in a church than outside of it, or otherwise slavery and allsorts of other injustices might still be inforce haha! (I'm not joking).

    Although it's not popular these days, anywhere, I still affirm that however strict one's beliefs are regarding sexual matters (and we know that sex outside of marriage is a mortal sin so I am not promoting anti church teaching), it is still a part of the catechism that homosexuals must be treated with respect, sensitivity and compassion and if that exasperates heterosexuals or others, then that is THEIR problem to deal with (confession might be a good start?). Now if these directions (re compassion, sensitivity etc) are not meant to be incorporated visibly at Mass and if these directions are not meant to be incorporated visibly on the blogs either, pray tell me, where are these directions meant to be manifested, expressed? In sideways glances over coffee after Mass? For heaven's sake people!

    I was going to say I hope I haven't upset anyone, but actually, I hope I have, for the best reasons.

    Some apple carts need toppling, especially when they are beginning to stink of rotten fruit.

    God loves and affirms and fearfully and wonderfully made homosexuals. You are deeply set in His heart, so don't miss out!

    Any struggle with chastity, infact the bigger the struggle the greater the peace at the end. Being celibate (having strived to receive the gift of celibacy) is a joy, a person with this gift fully embracrd has peace, not frustration. This gift is available to ALL who want it, from Jesus. Seek Him, at Mass. He is, unfortunately hidden from most of us, mainly because we are not looking for Him, in each other.

    Look for Him, He's looking for you. Today. Protector of your soul.

  2. Susan5:25 AM

    Hi Terry -

    I agree. It isn't about us - it is about Him. While we need to worship together, it isn't a country club, as you say.

  3. Regarding the picture of your post-Are they the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence? Whenever I see a picture of them, it always makes me cry.

  4. First, let me state when we look at that picture in your post, we are looking at diabolically possessed by demons people.

    Blessed Anna Marie Taigi

    spoke of demons she saw that warned each other "We must not let her see us, that she expose us when we are above among men."


    We have accepted the cup of poison which is sin from Satan gradually over a period of time that has grown to manifest itself into the behavior we see amongst us.

    We negotiate with Satan in order to placate him; rather than cast openly homosexual people from amongst us, we offer them peace to be among us.

    Christ never commanded “Accept sin, but remain holy.”

    I have been at Mass and have ejected by force, people that would sacriledge and blaspheme the Blessed Sacrament.

    And the Padres at those Masses had no problem with that.

    It’s called being a man.

    On this homosexual issue we are behaving like Jews.

    We are behaving as the Jews that stood around while Goliath blasphemed the Lord and threatened them.

    It took a little kid that was the lowest person (sheppards were considered expendable) to stand up and say “Who dares to blaspheme our Lord?” then whack that moron and cut his head off.

    We men need to get with it.

    We need to tell our Priests openly homosexual people pushing their agenda and demanding ‘respect’ need to be told to stifle themselves. We are all sinners, but we do not mock God by parading our sins in front of him.

    We are seeing these among us because of our acceptance of other things that are not pleasing to God.

    As the homosexual acceptance by Catholics grows, the fruits of this acceptance will grow even more.

    Death is the fruit of homosexuality.

    They have become so bold in their murder of souls they are now ‘adopting’ children that even more Death spreads among us.

    Mr. Nelson: The Holy Ghost has granted you the grace of Holy Anger.

    Archbishop Sheen is the one I learned from about Holy Anger.

    Some of his sermons are located at the address above.

    May God grant you many more graces.


  5. Georgette9:27 AM


    You said it, bro!


    PS My gmail is blocking me, so not only can't I access my email, I can't login to my blogger account (I think they took down my blog too!). Well, the way things are going in my life right now (all hell is breaking loose, I do not exagerate), this is mild stuff. If you can be so kind, Ter, please remember me and my family in your prayers. Thank you.

  6. Gette - I will - I hope everything works out.

  7. Shadowlands - I hope you find the peace you need too the next time you are exasperated.

    You're a loving woman - I think you miss my point however. The Catholic Church in the US has bent over backwards to welcome gay people - there is a wonderful organization called Courage - founded by a Cardinal no less - which welcomes gay people and offers support to them - just as they are - they don't have to try to change their orientation or anything. They have support group meetings with Mass and everything. When these people go to regular Masses on any other day they know they are part of the Body of Christ.

    Perhaps we should have welcoming Masses for couples who are cohabiting?

    My exasperation is with the 'poor me' syndrome of gay activists - it's part of their neurosis you know.

  8. One more note - we can accept people without approving immoral behavior.

  9. Austringer10:06 AM

    Terry, your last post nails it -- we can accept people without accepting immoral behavior. It strikes me that gay activists do not -- and, apparently, will not -- accept that. I'd venture that unless and until the Church redefines gay sex as perfectly moral, they will always claim to be treated badly, not welcomed, etc., etc.

    I don't think that this is really about the acceptance of persons. It's about the acceptability of sin.

  10. Anonymous11:29 AM

    Terry, thank you. And thanks for the reminder that we need to be a little more accepting of those who annoy us in the Body of Christ.

    Austringer, you hit the nail on the head and articulated more clearly what I was trying to express in my posts yesterday regarding "agendas" behind these masses.

  11. Austringer12:14 PM


    Yes, it's the practical equivalent of having special Masses for adulterers who have no intention of giving up adultery, but who feel that they are not welcomed by the Church. As long as the Church continues to call their acts sinful, they feel victimized and marginalized. The Church needs to get with the the times and recognize that adultery is beautiful! If God doesn't approve of adulterers, why did He make so many of them?

  12. Agreed! Hi Austringer - how's the studio/gallery? Email me when you have some time.

  13. Anonymous1:00 PM

    "Church ladies and busy buddies" gave me a chuckle. There must be a thousand comedy scenes to be found amongst church lady functions. Reminds me the the Joe Piscipoe skit on SNL.

  14. Concur with Austringer. Well said.

    On another post, I talked about our Courage Masses where those of us with SSA experience the love of God in a special way, as there are others around me dealing w/the same issue and so it's a special Spirit-filled experience. But that's at a Courage conference where of course the Mass is SSA-heavy. It should be noted that I feel the love of God also at every Mass and so special Masses outside of our conferences are not needed.

    Now, my local Courage chaplain does celebrate 1 Mass per month for our group but that's a Mass in reparation for all those who do not repent of homosexual behavior and cannot or will not accept Church teaching, and therefore offend the Sacred Heart.

    We show our love and acceptance of one another by upholding one another in and through our difficulties, while not approving of sin or bad behavior. Just like in the 12 Steps, holding one another accountable in charity. Admonition without charity is brutality. But a gay person (not just a person with SSA, but an active homosexual who thinks gay is ok) will not accept one's admonition of his behavior and believes rejection of his behavior is rejection of HIM, as he is so identified with his behavior he cannot delineate personhood from the gay identity.

  15. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Driving to the "Rome of the West" tomorrow to attend the annual novena in honor of Our Lady of Mt Carmel:

    Please pray I have a safe trip and I'll be praying for all of the intentions of the Abbey Roads family.


  16. Anonymous5:39 PM

    Loved this


  17. Wow Pablo
    Crayzee website you linked to.
    Opus Dei is an "anti catholic Talmudic sect"
    John Paul 2 was an "Anti Pope".
    It's all so very bewildering.

    As for "The Gays"
    When it comes to affirmation they are a bottomless pit of need. No amount of affirmation will be "enough".

  18. "Welcoming" extends to many areas...

    Twice when I was in the military IN UNIFORM I was asked to leave churches because "murderers are not welcome here."

    Other churches welcomed me with open arms and folks invited me over to their homes for lunch or dinner..

    We had an incident in my own parish just recently (FOR SHAME)where an individual with a service dog was asked (TOLD) to leave..

    Two parishes I visited in Las Vegas individually welcomed the weary traveller at their doors and offered a cup of coffee and a cookie or sandwich. One parish thought I was a sister since I was dressed in a pantsuit and scarf with a cross pin on the lapel--in town for an engineering conference--...hope they weren't being nice to me just because they thought I was a religious sister...

    Other parishes wouldn't know--or seem to care--if I was alive or dead..but they sure do make sure I drop something in the collection plate.

    Last summer I was visiting one of our seminarians who was staying and assisting at a small poorer west-side parish...after Mass several folks asked me if I was visiting--everyone knew everyone in that little parish so new people stick out--, and we had a nice conversation.

    It doesn't take much to be "welcoming..." a smile, and a cheery "Good morning" go a long ways..instead of seeing how fast the parking lot can empty out before the closing hymn is even over..


  19. The links some of us provide are not intended to give complete approval to everything going on in those links.

    I gave the address of information I approved of for a specific purpose, not for any other reason.

    On my web site, I have had to place a disclaimer on the Passion of Christ video meditation located there.

    I would hope people would have some common sense, and not go over board.

    We will find as the persecution comes closer, we will have much hatred around us.

    Read Blessed Anna Marie Taigi more completely in book form; my link about her does her no justice.

    If I caused anyone to be scandalized I encourage them to pray the Holy Rosary more.

    If I offended our Lord or His Mommy in the link, I profusely apologize.

    God have mercy on us all.


  20. Sara Rambo - they probably saw you jump off your cycle. LOL! I'd welcome you.

  21. Thanks for explaining Pablo. you're good.

  22. Terry--hehehe thanks :) Not many parishes I'd feel welcome wearing my motorcycle leathers to :)


  23. Austringer11:21 PM

    Sara, that's probably a good sign...

    A friend once pointed out that God knows the contents of your heart and mind, but He also knows the contents of your closet.

  24. hahhahahahaha.... I chased all the crazies away and they came here to roost.


  25. Thanks for the post, Terry. After twenty-six years of attending the same couple/few churches for daily Mass with primarily the same people, Tom and I know the names of approximately six or seven people, and we rarely chat/speak with them other than a smile or a nod, yet we consider them ALL our true friends in Christ as the Eucharist provides an ever-binding fellowship.

    As far as your photo, I would like to see a dress code implemented across the board; this weekend our family was [not so] "privileged" to see someone's cheeks at Mass, and I don't mean the ones on her face. :(

    And here's link for you, Terry.

  26. Anonymous11:59 AM

    'The Gays' that well known club, with one mind, one heart, one thought. Like the 'Jews' or the 'Catholics' or the 'Blacks' or 'The Irish' or 'The Poles' or 'The Youth of Today' or The Republicans or The Democrats or the golfers or the soccer moms or those who shop at Walmart...

    Shove them in their pigeon holes - in order and sorted - but rarely ever read...


  27. Peter...if gays would not insist on presenting themselves as just such a club--and one which we all just better not only tolerate, but do homage to, or by God, we have no right to call ourselves anything but bigots--it'd be a lot easier to "read" them. Keep in mind that the Church isn't bashing's never said homosexual inclination was wrong. But GAY is not the same as simply homosexual, either, and it's the GAY agenda that is shoved down our throats at every turn. That IS a collective "club," and they use that club literally to beat at everyone who dares to disagree with them on a regular basis.

    Some of us are just sick of Mother Church running scared of sinners instead of gently confronting them. If that's a problem for any group...then they're in the wrong Church.


  28. This was a great post, Terry; there were some really great comments, too.

  29. Dear Mr.Terry,
    You wrote... "There's the bitch who looks down her nose if I wear shorts (to mass)."

    Hey, I know that lady and she sent me an email of you wearing those shorts!

    href=">Cheeky attention seeker ;)</a>

    Great legs Mr.T. but consider a little more coverage for Mass.


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