Friday, July 15, 2011

Legion of Christ back in the news.

More troubles...
Just check out these headlines/links:
Legionaries close Catholic College.
Cardinal De Paolis criticizes 'dissent' within Legion of Christ
Legionaires break out at Vegas hotel.***
***Photo:  I'm told this is an undercover shot of members dancing in Vegas.


  1. i would suggest that you should make darn sure you are correct about the picture before you put it out there

  2. I am certain you did not stage that photo or photoshop it.

    This does bring up one point:

    Why is it that only Novus Ordo Priests do this?

    Do you think this happens at the SSPX Seminary at Winona, Minnesota?

    I think not.

    While there, you better man up, or it's the old heave-ho.

    I know, I was allowed to stay there on several occasions.

    If I have doubts about the photo it is this; there are no pants wearing short-hair Eucharistic Associate Pastor/Lectors Ministers standing next to their feminine husbands cheering them on.


  3. Anonymous10:25 AM

    Hey St. Michael,

    Are you serious? Really?? There are plenty of SSPX closet or open homosexual priests- in fact in PA the old society of St. John- which were ex-SSPXers who supposedly came back to the Roman fold- had so many homosexual problems that the great Bp Martino kicked them out of his diocese and they went to Brazil, and he went after them even there for the Church to shut them down. As the old saying goes- all the lace and bells and smells and rigid and overly serious priests are often a cover for something else.

  4. The photo is just a joke - it seems to be some Irish semminarians at an ordination reception.

    That said the last link in the post is the tie-in. It's a joke guys.

  5. Welp, SOMEONE is new to the blog.

  6. Can a priest be suspended just for having bad hair? I mean if his superior thought it was really really bad...

  7. well this SOMEONE did not know this was a closed blog with inside jokes. to post a picture like this leaving the impression to people who casually visit the blog that it is picture of legionaires is, in my opinion bad taste or just slander.
    i guess it is some kind of gay humor i don't get......but so not worry i will not wander into this blog again.

  8. I can't tell if that last guy is being serious or really complaining.

  9. Hahaha, who knows?
    Gay humor, I LOL'd.

  10. It's funny - who would believe those guys are Legionaries? Though I just had this image of the local news doing a story on the Legionaries, and some guy doing a google image search and finding this picture.

    But that would be hilarious!

  11. You have to be careful around those guys, though.
    They spread Legionaries Disease.

  12. See Cathy - Legionaries and Legionaires was the joke. Thanks.

    But Patrick validates the post by demonstrating how many people just read the headlines and don't pick up on the spin. Thanks Patrick!

  13. I am SO ashamed.

    I didn't even read the post. I just read the combox.
    Because THAT is how good your combox is, Ter.

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh a hundred thousand pardons, m'Lord.

  14. Abbey Roads: Sometimes I just look at the funny pictures and read the comments©

  15. I am so clever.
    I knew they were Irish.
    An Irishman knows how to throw a shape like that on the dancefloor.
    And something about the low ceiling, the lighting, even the chairs, says Ireland to me.
    I was going to leave a comment to that effect but then I saw that Terry already confirmed it.
    That looks just like my wedding(there are a lot of priests in my family)
    The people who invited from work were astonished to see men in clericals, dog collar undone, sweating and stomping and jigging and singing on the dance floor to Joe Dolan and Brendan Shine.
    And Pablo, be assured my uncles are not namby pamby sissy boys.
    That said they do celebrate the Novus Ordo, but only ever in a butch and manly fashion.

  16. Oh and I got Terrys Legionnaires/Legionaries joke.
    In the back of the net.
    I'm on top form today.

  17. I'm so glad you commented Clare - the guys are definitely having fun - nothing wrong with that. God knows we need some fun these days!

  18. georgette9:13 PM

    Better be careful, Ter, this could start rumors :-O

  19. Truth be told I have a little crush on you Terry :)

  20. Gee whiz! Schucks! Thanks Clare.


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