Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thoughts while trimming the hedge in extreme heat...

What if reincarnation and transmigration of souls was true for animals and pets?

All the theologians say pets don't go to heaven - although I have some reservations on that, I'm not sure it's dogma either.  That said, what if their souls keep getting inserted in other animal bodies?  I don't know how reincarnation or that transmigration thing works either.  And before you call the CDF: Nope - I don't believe in reincarnation at all - we have one life, one chance, and then... and then... 
So anyway.  And then I was wondering - never mind.
Photo:  Transmigrating cat.

Disclaimer:  This post was not approved for World Youth Day transmission.


  1. That last line made me LOL!

  2. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Lovely kitty cat - reminds me of our sweet Smokey, whom we lost in June. (Don't think she'd like plane rides though!)


  3. Orthodox Jews believe absolutely in reincarnation. It was written about widely by the rabbis of Jesus' day, so I wonder why that didn't make it over to Christian Theology.

    Most of my former Orthodox Jewish coworkers believe that every living creature today has been reincarnated, here to fix something off in their soul.

    An Israeli court recently ruled that a dog should be put to death by stoning because he is believed to be the reincarnation of an evil man who swore he would come back to take vengeance on them before he died 25 years ago. Don't worry, the dog ran away.

    Anyway...what happened to Mass Chats with the smoking cardinal?

  4. A Random Friar7:16 PM

    Not all theologians say that there are no pets in Heaven. Some do, stating the belief that in a new Creation (Rev, "a new Heaven and a new Earth") animals and plants would re-enter the picture, but how they were supposed to be from the beginning as well. Some like this because it tends to blend in nicely with a "Green" or eco-theology.

    My personal view is: I don't know. We would need nothing more than God for it to be Heaven, but what would that be like?

  5. In Fr. Groeschel's book "After This Life" he addresses the question. He speculates that although animals do not have an immortal soul like we do, there is no reason not to imagine that God may indeed "re-create" the animals which were friends and companions to us here on earth. Of course, it's just speculation, but then again there is the idea that plants and animals will be a part of the New Heaven and New Earth, so why couldn't God do something like that?

  6. I can't explain it, but I've had wierd little things happen, like I'll often think of my grandmother, then I will see a seagull, her favorite creature...and seagulls are fairly uncommon where I live here...

    God created the Heavens and the Earth, I don't think that anything can be "uncreated", but becomes something else. We shall see..

    I also had a deacon friend tell me about the New Jerusalem, similiar to the above posts..

    It is close to the anniversary of you dear kitty's passing isn't it?? It is so hard to lose a companion..prayers of comfort your way...


  7. Hi Terry.

    What happened to the comments section for the article "Going after Michael Voris?"

  8. Uh-oh...something I said?

  9. Not Expecting to Reincarnate12:24 AM


    "Orthodox Jews believe absolutely in reincarnation"

    Judaism has so many sects, even within 'orthodoxy', that there are nuances to the various thoughts on that matter of reincarnation. Many moons ago I read a bit on this topic. From my fading memory there were some ancient rabbis who stipulated specific conditions for God to permit a soul to reincarnate —God had a specific mission in mind, basically. Further, there was a limited number of times possible, 3. It seemed very different from neo-Hinduism or New Age stuff one hears about today. With that said, like many Christians today, many Jews have not been instructed very well (some not at all) so one can see them incorporating into their understanding of Judaism bits and pieces from other religious philosophies, such as Buddhism, etc. It gets a bit confusing.

  10. Sarah,

    I echo your experience. God often seems to use animals to manifest His presence or love, to me.

  11. I would love to know what my little demon-posessed dog would be like "re-created" to be as he would have been, if he'd not had such a difficult early life. I get glimpses sometimes of a sweetie behind the bared teeth, but right now he is chewing his paw and contemplating murder.

  12. Isn't it amazing and a wonder of God's creation that a critter with no soul could bring such love and happiness, while some people roam the earth seemingly devoid of any human warmth? Shame on me, but there are dogs and horses I would sooner rather see in Heaven than some people. I know that's wrong and of course, I do not wish Hell on anyone. I'm just venting. No matter what kind of mood I come home in, my dogs don't know anything other than how happy they are to see me. They wait to hear the sound of my car pull up or my key in the door and there they are, waiting with their tails wagging. And don't anyone try to tell me that dogs can't smile. I can supply proof that they do.

  13. It seems more likely to me that heaven has all the pets and no theologians.

  14. Georgette11:05 AM

    Fr Erik, hahahhaha, I think you are probably right!!!

    PS, Terry, you cat on the plane pic looks like our Shmendrick. Meow

  15. Georgette11:08 AM

    Oh and, Ter, be sure and get plenty fluids when you're out in this heat...and maybe avoid blogging till you're properly hydrated. You got by OK this time, but you know what kind of bloggin trouble you can get into when your electrolytes are imbalanced!!

  16. Not Expecting to Reincarnate said...

    Just checked with 2 Jewish friends of mine, one Chasidic and one Yeshivish and they both confirmed it is an article of faith within their religion. Written about in the Talmud and handed down in other writings, etc... They believe souls are sent back by God to fix something wrong in the soul and that this is an ancient belief.

    Anyway, pretty kitty Terry. One of yours?

  17. Not Expecting to Reincarnate2:04 PM

    Clark, my posting was simply to add to your comment, not to negate what you wrote. Within the world of Judaism there are different ways of nuancing the afterlife beliefs and the transmigration of souls. That is all.

    A small book, What do Jews Believe? [The Spiritual Foundations of Judaism] by David S. Ariel [then President of the Cleveland College of Jewish Studies] is an informative book. Chapter 2, Human Destiny, offers insight on some of these nuances.

    As for my dogs, cats, gerbils, gold fish, squirrel, and 10-mice, I will wait and be surprised ...

  18. It's so nice that LarryD brings his cats with him when he travels!

  19. Cath! Cath! Is that you?


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