Monday, July 25, 2011

He leads me...

The enclosure within.

"The children of this world were dedicated to surviving this life by whatever method possible.  I too must be totally dedicated, but with an added dimension.  I must not seek to avoid hardships or to soften their impact.  I must see in them the will of God and through them work out my salvation.  Otherwise, I would be acting rather as a child of this world than a child of light.  I would be acting not out of faith but as a fatalist.  I would have survived a series of moments, a succession of days, but I would have made nothing of them nor of myself.  I resolved again, therefore, to accept each day and every moment as from God's hands, and to offer it back to him as best I could.  I would not merely passively survive, like the children of this world, but with his help and his grace I would actively participate - and I would survive.  I never doubted that, because I did not fear non-survival.  Death would simply be a call to return to the God I served each day.  My life was to do the will of God, as the prayer of our Savior taught us put it quite simply, 'On earth as it is in heaven.'  His will would determine how long I would spend on earth.
In such thoughts and prayers, peace returned.  It was the peace, once again, that total abandonment to God's will brings." - Servant of God, Fr. Walter Ciszek, S.J.: He Leadeth Me
"Take neither great nor little notice of who is with you or against you and try always to please God. Ask him that his will be done in you. Love him intensely as he deserves to be loved." - St. John of the Cross

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