Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Now here's a Cardinal who seems to be worthy of his red hat...

Cardinal Robert Sarah who only last month warned that the western world is in “serious moral regression and gradual ‘silent apostasy’ also expressed his concern that the priests who neglect their duty to "oppose the breakdown of morality in modern society, particularly pro-abortion and anti-family policies, risk the condemnation of God."
"In a sermon delivered on June 25 to seminarians of the Community of St. Martin, whom he was about to ordain to the priesthood and diaconate, Sarah admonished his listeners, “if we have fear of proclaiming the truth of the Gospel, if we are ashamed of denouncing the grave deviations in the area of morality, if we accommodate ourselves to this world of moral laxity and religious and ethical relativism, if we are afraid to energetically denounce the abominable laws regarding the new global ethos, regarding marriage, the family in all of its forms, abortion, laws in total opposition to the laws of nature and of God, and that the western nations and cultures are promoting and imposing thanks to the mass media and their economic power, then the prophetic words of Ezechiel will fall on us as a grave divine reproach.”
Sarah quoted the prophesy of Ezechiel found in chapter 34:2-4: “‘Son of man, prophesy against the pastors of Israel to pastor themselves. Should not the pastors feed the flock? You have been fed with milk, you have dressed yourselves with wool. You have not strengthened the weak lambs, cared for those who were sick, healed those who were injured. You have not restored those who have strayed, searched for those who were lost. But you have governed them with violence and hardness.’ (Ez. 34: 2-4)”
“These reproaches are serious, but more important is the offense that we have committed against God when, having received the responsibility of caring for the spiritual good of all, we mistreat souls by depriving them of the true teaching of the doctrine of regarding God, regarding man, and the fundamental values of human existence,” - LifeSiteNews


  1. LUV it..a Cardinal named Sarah :)

    Sara (without the "H")

  2. There seem to be few red hats worth admiring sometimes, but my top pick resides in Boston.

  3. He would never get away with this heresy in the States. The USCCB would never allow it!
    How our Church needs more men like him...Thanks, Terry.



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