Friday, July 22, 2011

Saying nice things about the Cardinal...

Might get you a Vatican appointment or even something like a bishopric.  One can only hope.
Raymond Leo Burke the 'Great Puppeteer' of American Appointees.


  1. Wow there..

    For a second I thought he had a white crochet dress on with som red tights....

    I need another cup of coffee..


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  4. I was in a prayer group in the 1990s and we would often pray that if it was God's will, Cardinal Ratzinger would be the next pope. A guy in our prayer group would get so mad. He would yell, "It's futile! It's futile! He is too controversial! It will never happen." I would say, "Joe, calm down...we're just praying that if it is God's will, then it will be done."

    "No! No! NO! It's a done deal. The next pope will either be Schönborn, Gantin or Arinze. There is no point in praying about this."

    He finally left the prayer group. I thought about him in April 2005, hope he's well.

    P.S. Currently praying that if it is God's holy will, this guy will be the next pope. Wanna join me?

  5. Clark - some people believe he could be. I would be surprised an American could become pope - but nothing is impossible for God. When I was little I had a dream I became pope - which I later interpretted to mean an American would be made pope. I don't hold much stock in my dreams or their interpretations.

    I've never thought to pray for someone to be made pope or bishop.

  6. So far his influence seems to be very much for the good.

  7. I definitely agree Father. I was very impressed with the ordination he officiated at.

  8. When I was little I had a dream I became pope...

    I'd vote for you. I'd think it would be pretty cool if the Holy Father looked like Aaron Eckhart.

  9. All I can hear is a giant sucking sound coming from a rural part of Wisconsin....

  10. Thom SFO, Are you referring to Zee Priest?

    Who is he anyway? He says Mass a couple times a month at Holy Innocents here in NYC. Is he a part of a parish? A diocese? Undercover work? What's his deal?

    Last fall, after assisting at one of his Masses, I googled around for information about him and couldn't find any. The next morning he wrote something like, "I've posted my cv for people who have been looking for information about me." Something to that effect. A little creepy?

    So, I checked the link and it was a list of all of his academic accolades and former posts, but what does he actually DO now?

    Anyone know?

    One theory I have is to be the voice of moderation for trads who would otherwise go off the rails. But, who knows...

  11. He is incardinated in a suburban Roman diocese, but he lives in Wisconsin.


    Beyond blogging and travelling and raising money for himself, I haven't a clue what he does.

  12. Cardinal Burke is brilliant as well as pastoral. He even gave me over an hour of his time, just we two, at his residence, when he was Abp. of St. Louis. He ordained my brother a permanent Deacon (who is deaf, but can still preach the Gospel), because the Church needs witnesses like him. God Bless the good Cardinal. I pray every day for his protection.

  13. DB, not to get too personal, but...(I can't email you) are you in STL? I visited there recently and the Church seems so vibrant there. I'm considering moving there just for that. Daily Mass at St Francis de Sales was brilliant, everything about it felt right. The Basilica is breath taking and I loved the Carmelite Monastery on Clayton RD.

    It's a little quiet and Midwestern, but they do have a park larger than Central Park, minus the great museums, might be nice to have a break from the distractions of NY...debating, praying.

    Any advice?

  14. Terry, Your Holiness,

    Well, you do get to pontificate daily to hundreds. Perhaps that is what you foresaw?

    My spiritual director (RIP) used to say, "In the 50s we prayed for an American pope, now we've got millions of them!"

  15. Clark: yes, I live in STL. I concur that we're a quiet Midwestern rivertown; a big small town. St. Louis is known for its great neighborhoods. While it does not have museums of the magnitude & number of NYC, our art museum doesn't suck by any means, the botanical gardens are top notch, we have amazing wineries (oldest viticultural region in the U.S. I'm told, just an hour outside STL) and many, MANY excellent restaurants. World-class symphony, too. And the Cathedral Basilica has the world's largest collection of mosaics. So glad you enjoyed it. We're very blessed and the Church here IS vibrant. Terry has my email if you wanna talk.

  16. "...Might get you a Vatican appointment or even something like a bishopric...."



  17. Austringer8:12 PM

    "My spiritual director (RIP) used to say, "In the 50s we prayed for an American pope, now we've got millions of them!"

    Hah!! Clark, I love that one.

    I wonder why your prayer group member was so convinced that Ratzinger would not be made pope, that it upset him to pray for such a thing? I certainly prayed for that to happen -- and I was fairly sure it would. To think of Burke as Pope -- wow. I like it...

    If anyone here has been to the Shrine of Our lady of Gaudalupe in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, then you will know that among Cardinal Burke's many talents and virtues is the ability to recognize beauty -- he oversaw the building of that shrine, and it is an inspiration. We CAN still build beautiful churches...


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