Sunday, July 17, 2011

Just wondering...

Support our troops!
One of the hallmark slogans of patriotism may be facing a challenge these days...
SAN DIEGO — About 200 active-duty troops and veterans wearing T-shirts advertising their branch of service marched Saturday in San Diego's gay pride parade with American flags and rainbow banners, marking what is believed to be the first time a military contingent has participated in such an event in the U.S.
Many of the active-duty troops said they were moved to come out because it is time to end the military's ban on openly gay troops. The march comes a day after a federal appeals court reinstated "don't ask, don't tell" but with a caveat that prevents the government from investigating or penalizing anyone who is openly gay. - Troops march in San Diego gay pride parade.
Now what?
[I blame the women.  If they would have blocked women from combat, this never would have happened.  The women's movement feminized the military.]


  1. I worked with a few gay folks during my stint in the military.

  2. I did too...they will always be there, proudly serving their country.

    And it's not the women's fault...just ask the Israelis and Soviets, who had women in combat for much longer than us..


  3. I wonder how America's queer military is going to do against the Russian Military of Our Lady the Virgin Mary?



  4. Sara - I was just waiting for you to comment - LOL! I mischieviously left that last comment to bait you. Big hug!

  5. Watch it, Pablo. I served honorably as an Air Force Officer.

  6. [I blame the women. If they would have blocked women from combat, this never would have happened. The women's movement feminized the military.]…

    Let’s take a look at that thought:

    Catholic feminism is not an isolated or even containable thought and behavior pattern. It is part and parcel of the global New Age World Order, Satanic in its origins, in its processes, and in its ends.

    Feminism attacks the basic doctrines of the Faith most specifically, namely, the doctrine of Creation, the Temptation and Fall, Original Sin and our inheritance of its consequences.

    The feminist movement is a heralding of the Anti¬Christ.

    It is not at all insignificant that devotion to Our Lady decreases in the exact proportion that feminist attitudes increase. Feminists will often claim to have devotion to Mary, but it is not a true devotion nor is it supernatural.

    When we hear, time and time again, women protesting that they only want “equal rights” for homosexuals, or the “right” to choose an abortion, or the “right” to have any religion or no religion, they are doing two things:

    1) They are confusing rights with the freedom to act as one chooses; and

    2) They’re refusing to recognize what reason itself naturally acknowledges, that some behaviors are in themselves good and to be practiced and others are in themselves evil and to be avoided.

    No one has a right to offend God by sin or to break His Laws.

    Natural laws are written in our hearts and positive laws are given to us by the Church as Guardian and interpreter of divine revelation.

    No one has any right to violate the laws of God or of His Church, but we are all free to do so by reason of the free will given us by God as an essential part of our human nature.

    Rights come from nature also, as does free will.

    All men have a right to marry, to raise a family and to earn a wage sufficient for the support of that family. All children conceived in the womb have a right to be nurtured until the appropriate time arrives for their own self-sufficiency.

    Because of God’s command to Adam and Eve to “Increase and multiply” no human couple has the right to limit that increase by any¬ unnatural means.

    Among unnatural means is the abstention from conjugal union at just those tines when God has provided for the fruitful intercourse of marriage.

    To do otherwise is to invert the ends of marriage, allowing the end of sexual pleasure or perversion to usurp the end of procreation.

    There simply cannot be two equally primary ends: one must take precedence over the other.

    When this natural order is disrupted, the order of creation is attacked and violated just as gravely as by the use of an IUD or other device or engaging in homosexual behavior (includes Lesbianism, transgenders, manly manorexic men, and so on).

    It is saying to God: You don’t know what’s good for us, but we do; therefore, we will do our own will instead of Yours.

    It is also telling God that you can’t trust Him to provide for all the children He wills to send, and to have made the best choice of gender for you, or sexual orientation.

    Feminism cultivates a contraceptive mentality leading to the greater evil of homosexuality.

    [I blame the women. If they would have blocked women from combat, this never would have happened. The women's movement feminized the military.]…

    Therefore, in conclusion, the assumption stated above, is a correct assumption based on evidence presented herein and supported by those facts.

    It should be noted that the Novus Ordo is a breeding ground and meeting place for Feminists whereas the Traditional Mass is not a springboard but rather a detriment to the efforts of feminists.



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