Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Gay genes...

What if?
Fr. Tad responds:  Even if a hypothetical "gay gene" were ever found, all it would likely determine, similar to most genes governing behavior, would be a genetic predisposition towards a particular sexual preference. This would be something very different from the genetic determinism or "hard-wiring" of, say, eye color or blood type. Multiple twin studies have already demonstrated that only about a third of the identical twins of those with same-sex attractions also experience same-sex attractions; whereas if sexual attractions were determined strictly by genes, those with identical genes would be expected to have identical attractions.

Even if we have genes that predispose us towards certain behaviors, we still have a space of freedom within ourselves, and do not have to engage in those behaviors. Our genes may impel us strongly in certain behavioral directions, but they can't compel us.

This reminds us of one of the fundamental truths about our human nature ? namely, that we are not creatures of sexual necessity. We are not compelled to act on our inclinations and urges, but are always free to act otherwise, even directly against the grain of those inclinations. In fact, to be truly free as a human means to have the strength to act against ourselves, so that we do not live in bondage to our own inner impulses and drives, a key consideration that distinguishes us from the animals. Human freedom involves the mastery of those drives by redirecting them and ordering them to higher goals. So while we cannot in any way be held responsible for in-born inclinations, we certainly can be held responsible for how we choose to act in the face of those inclinations. - The Boston Pilot
Yes. Yes.  I knew that.  I know that - but I have no credentials or teaching authority or initials after my name.  Thank God for Fr. Tad, who does.
Many thanks to Carol at The Tenth Crusader
Photo: Do I have to explain everything?


  1. re photo...

    Wouldn't that guy hurt himself if he sat down??

    Oh yes--stupid me..it' s like micro-minis..you're not SUPPOSED to sit down...


  2. Terry - this was very timely ... I need this information for a letter. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Obviously every human has the freedom to not act on any natural impulse. If that was not so, the world would be much more a mess than it is. There's nothing new here.
    One thing that Pacholczyk doesn't even touch on is the predisposition to find a partner or if you will, share life and love with another person. That urge is almost stronger than the sexual need which lessens with time and age (mostly). It's ok for str8 people, but it's not ok for "SSA" people. And of course, it is ok for "SSA" people to deny their natural inclination and try to put on an unnatural one, that of absolute continence, celibacy, and chastity.
    But the best line was: "engaging in an apprenticeship of self-mastery, they come to acquire, like all who pursue lives of chastity, an abiding inner freedom and peace." We know how that's worked out don't we? I wish I knew more or even some celibates with an abiding inner freedom and peace.
    Initials after a name or a diploma from whatever prestigious (liberal, feminist, homosexualist) Ivy League university don't mean anything against what you learn in the school of Life. Ace

  4. Hi Ace - "engaging in an apprenticeship of self-mastery, they come to acquire, like all who pursue lives of chastity, an abiding inner freedom and peace."

    I know people for whom that has worked out.

  5. Sara - the guy in the photo is actually too fat to wear those jeans.

  6. Anonymous9:46 AM

    If our hearts are divided: if only I can have X, Y or Z plus Christ my life would be perfect. And we get mad when we don't get it. Maybe it takes years for people to learn this so they are going toward peace but are not there yet.

    Married people have the same temptations btw. Happiness is to be found in satisfying creaturely wants. My work environment is being torn up over people trying to get yayas.


  7. I've known a couple of them too Terry, but they are the exception, and it's even rarer when they are socially and psychologically well adjusted.

    Unfortunately I know many more for whom it hasn't work, including: the priest that married me, the priest that baptized my oldest son, and the priest that confirmed both my sons (in the Byzantine Church). All of whom are now no longer priests.

  8. Anonymous10:54 AM

    The "gay gene" and "I was born that way" arguments drive me bonkers.

    When God created Adam and Eve, there wasn't cancer or diabetes, etc. These are all the effects of sin and the bodily decay process (aging) that comes with sin. As is a predisposition to masturbation, drug use, and mental illness, etc.

    Nevertheless, if you have diabetes, you'd be an idiot not to change your life and treat it. Same with homosexuality. You CAN choose to deny that which was not part of God's perfect plan for our earthly bodies, which were originally perfect and intended to live forever.

    Sure it's hard. But a diabetic thinks it's hard not to eat sugar. And the mentally ill guy thinks it's hard to be unemployed because he can't handle life. One could go on and on with examples.....

    The homosexuals will say that it's not a fair comparison, because perhaps we are asking them to deny themselves love and companionship. NOPE. We are asking them to deny only physical, sexual contact. No one is asking them to not love someone of the same sex, feel deep abiding affection for them, or even spend a life with one another. We are only asking them to not use their bodies in an unnatural way.

    I understand that denying that aspect of their lives may be torture. But like I said, ask anyone else suffering with any and all kinds of physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional maladies on this earth and there's suffering all around. This is the valley of tears that we pray to get out of.

    It only makes it worse when gay media, gay advertising, and the gay rights crowd depict and portray everything in a sexual light. Ever pick up your local gay newspaper or check out a gay website? The advertising is sick! Images of flesh and immorality everywhere. Bulging crotches and half-naked guys embracing each other. Everything is portrayed through a sexual lens. As if having a same-sex attraction is solely a sexual definition!

    We are ALL called to charity and chastity. Come on over to our place sometime and see how little sex my husband and I have because we use NFP and have serious reasons not to get pregnant. It's not all about sex for us, and trust me, it's a kind of suffering. We, too, have disordered sexual appetites because of sin.

    Join the club, homosexuals. You're not that special.

    Sorry, Terry, for the anonymous comment. But I need to protect my identity in these kinds of discussions.

  9. Anonymous12:04 PM

    've known a couple of them too... but they are the exception, and it's even rarer when they are socially and psychologically well adjusted.'

    When I was growing up the divorce plague hit my community. All the my friend were products of divorce. They weren't adjusted well either.


  10. I know several single women who would like to marry and chances are they will not. They are called to the same life style of chastity.

  11. God bless Fr. Tad! No one is saying that the life of chastity the Church calls us to is easy, but there IS inner freedom and peace to be found there. It may take a while, but it IS possible for those who acknowledge Christ, His Church, and want to cooperate with the Grace that will be given them. Deo Gratias!


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