Sunday, July 03, 2011

Mass chat: More nuts?

Read Fr. Corapi's most recent post and the comments attached, evidently it's his 4th of July post entitled, Thoughts on Sheepdogs, Sheep and Independence. 
Every once in a while I've surfed the web to read some of the comments left on the blogs that are willing to point out what's off with the entire Corapi makeover-reinvention campaign launch.  Surprisingly, there are some very sane posts and comments amongst the crazy ones.  I'll post just a few below.
In response to Fr. Corapi's most recent post, a man identifying as a priest writes:
  • From Father Edmund
  • Colonel Grossman’s commentary is deeply offensive and unAmerican. And Corapi further shows his lack of common sense and good taste by promoting it. So, I am a gooey egg yolk who needs the Hard Blue Shell in order to develop into something? I’m a sheepish sheep? I need to evolve into being a sheepdog? Garbage. Grossman’s rant is fascist to the core, and Corapi’s endorsement of it the same.
  • Who cares if Grossman is a full-bird with a PhD (not PHD, Corapi)? His current musings are arrogant, elitist, and again: FASCIST. There is NOTHING in that article that a 1930′s-era Nazi would disagree with.
  • These guys aren’t sheepdogs, they’re wolves. This is just like the schoolyard bully saying he’s a “born leader.” Both of them should have their posteriors kicked around the block.
  • I’ll repeat what I’ve said here before. Corapi had two things going for him: unswerving loyalty to the Church and a trick voice. Now he stands revealed as a shallow, tasteless man. Take away the priest, and all you have left is a basket case. He still has his trick voice. That, alone, will not propel him to secular stardom. 
From Caelum et terra a comment by a priest:
  • Fr.GregACCA
  • But seriously, y’all: very, very, very seriously. Pray, pray, pray, and pray some more. Over the last few years, his behavior has taken on a depressingly familiar pattern, and this may well turn out to be a situation that somebody like Fr. Amorth will need to handle, if Corapi ever comes to his senses enough to realize this.
A response from Elizabeth:
  • Thank you Father, for your insight. In “Exorcism and the Church Militant,” Fr. Euteneuer took lightly at times the expelling of demons, and it was of concern to read his nonchalance in this regard. Of course, during the time period of penning the book, he was sexually abusing women in graveyards and/or locked rooms, etc., as he sought to release their demons through exorcisms.
  • Then we find out that Corapi was Euteneuer’s spiritual director, and Euteneuer even told the “gravely harmed” woman (in the FTE case) that it was Corapi that told him to burn her diary (which held an enormous amount of damning info against Euteneuer) because it would cause Church scandal. Whether or not Euteneuer was telling the truth or not, who knows? But, I agree, Fr. Amorth should be brought in, and possibly sooner rather than later. Weak (but otherwise intelligent) Catholics are falling for this “dog’s” BS left and right.

Tom O'Toole has a good post on the court case:  Corapi Corrupted: part II


  1. I think his post is excellent.

  2. Anonymous4:30 PM

    It seems to lack humility. Sheep dogs need shepherds to feed and socialize them. There are no lone wolf sheepdogs. Some sheep protection dogs turn on the sheep! (Not often but it happens). Soldiers and police officers can start seeing everybody as suspects - disasters happen all the time because of this. My sense this is a disaster unfolding in slow motion,

  3. Anonymous4:32 PM

    By the way the last comment if from VIckie.

  4. I am seriously torn up about the Corapi thing. Because of my normally strong stance on things, and having taken a "wait and see approach here" friends on the Pro-corapi side and the "he is flippin nutz" are mad at me.

    Is the Fr. E stuff true? Was Corapi his SD?

    What if Corapi really was/is being railroaded? What if he honestly believes his ministry is his calling?

    What if he does need Fr A? Like for realz?

    Ugh... who do we seek intercession from?


  5. I finally had the misfortune to pop over to the blog you linked. I was particularly taken aback by the snarky and stupid comments about the people of Idaho and Montana.

    Such arrogance on display...

  6. Anonymous6:52 PM

    Note: Elizabeth is O'Toole's wife Jeannette - she goes by various names, and always seeks to either promote him or seek donations. She quotes him as the source of facts (ie; that Corapi was Fr. E's spiritual advisor) as well as a variety of other things that O'toole neither has knowledge of nor access to. He posts it, so she calls it a fact.
    Beware of both of them - and pray for them always.

  7. Anonymous -- Based on your IP#, you have been cyberstalking me for quite some time. I have information from HLI itself that Fr. Corapi was Fr. Euteneuer's spiritual advisor. Read my commentaries if you wish, but you must have had a personal relationship with Euteneuer because you sure have a personal vendetta against me. Stop stalking!

  8. Anonymous10:40 PM

    Yeah I have this bad habit of sorting through web trash and for some reason, your site is always in the pile!

  9. Last Anonymous - yet you keep coming back. Congratulations on the sale of your house BTW!


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