Saturday, July 09, 2011

Did Corapi comment on his own video post?

I don't know?
Perhaps not, but the following comment I copied from his site kind of sounds like something he might write after a couple of - well, hits.  Read it for yourself.   Creepy.  Notice the word 'poodled'?  Scary - he's reading my blog.  Just kidding.  Seriously - I know I may be over-reaching, but I will hi-light words and phrases I think sound like something he might say.
Johnny's in the basement, mixing up the medicine...
Good People, it’s time to roll the stone and gather no moss. And grow up.
What did Christ say to the Apostles upon His Resurrection when they were all bamboozled, fadoodled and outright poodled? “Peace! My Peace be with you!”
Then buy, borrow, steal or mortgage a bit of Peace if you can, cuz it’s time move on and leave the funeral parlor and bury old Father John and baptize and circumsize Hot Rod Johnny Corapi.
Get used to it. The old Padre is gone and Harley John Corapi is rumbling out of your towne for good.
The Wild Ones, Part II. You don’t like it? You get a new messiah and he’ll get new groupies. We’ll call it even and call it a day.
It’s over. It’s past over. Father Corapi is Dead! Long Live The Black Sheep Dog Corapi.
What? You don’t like it? Too bad. Get over it and get over yourself. John Corapi’s patiently laid the storyline and the plot about his big changes in life, and he’s given you every chance to get it.
Do you get it yet?
Let me explain it to you so that you’ll understand it.
He ain’t working on Maggie’s Farm no more.
You can guess, surmise, assume and presume all day long about why he ain’t working on Maggie’s Farm no more, but the bottom line is that he ain’t.
Did he sin? Did he do “it” or all that other stuff that’s bandied about here, there and everywhere in your mind and hearts? Probably, maybe, could be, who knows? Who cares?
Maybe even more than you could guess. Maybe none of it.
It’s over.
He ain’t a priest no more.
You can live in Yesterdayville all you want and wish him back as hard as your little soul can until your heart breaks and your eyes burst with tears of pain and sorrow and confusion.
Be his guest.
But it’s over.
Move along now, there ain’t nothing to see here no more.
He ain’t working on Maggie’s Farm no more.
“He’s got a head full of ideas that are drivin’ him insane.
Well, he tries his best
To be just like he is
But everybody wants you
To be just like them
They say sing while you slave and he just get bored
He ain’t gonna work on Maggie’s farm no more.”
He’s told you now, for the last time. He ain’t working on Maggie’s Farm no more. Either come along for the ride or move along. If you’re looking for him to save you, forget it. Ain’t gonna happen. No more. He’s mixed his last magic potion and heard his last confession and you can go away mad or go away empty. Just go away.
You want a suggestion on how to deal with all your broken dreams?
Don’t follow leaders…watch the parking meters.
You want Jesus? Then go get Jesus. But leave Corapi out of it.
He ain’t working on Maggie’s Farm no more. - Black SheepDog
I'm actually serious about this.  I really think he or one of his own might have posted this as a response to the largely negative comments he's been getting.  Just a hunch of course.


  1. I don't think so.
    The writer is mocking "hot rod, Harley John" whereas I think Corapi is deluded enough to take his new persona seriously and has no idea how grotesque it is.

    Likewise, the writer has lost patience with those who are pleading with him to come back. He's telling them to face facts and move along. Whereas I think Corapi wants his fanbase to stay with him.

    This is the most surreal turn of events. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined it would be this bad.
    Looks to me as though Fr Corapi doesn't even believe in God anymore (if he ever did)

  2. The impression one gets now is that the man is either possessed or certifiably delusional.
    Either way - his most rabid followers are in for a hard, hard awakening some day.
    What a dreadful mess.
    However - this is a lesson for us about what happens whenever we set up a human being as a godlet - all humans have clay feet and it is to the peril of our souls that we allow ourselves to forget that.
    Only God is God, and only Christ redeems us.

  3. Fr. B9:16 AM

    What I find interesting is the vast majority of the comments on the Blacksheep dog website are negative toward Copapi. Although unlikely at this point, maybe if he would read those and realize these comments are in all liklihood coming from his most devoted followers, that he will repent and obey his superiors. We can only pray. Also a point to be made to all those who say it looks like he is going through a mid-life crisis or "male menopuase", remember Johnny is now 64 years old! I agree at this point he either looks possessed or entirely delusional. It is a tragedy in the true sense of the word, and yes we need to also pray for all those he has hurt in any way. Jesus have mercy!

  4. I think you are right Clare - but the Dylan lyrics fit in with his age - and of course the age of most of his followers, who were largely Boomers.

    Fr. I seriously wonder if he is some sort of psychopath - I know it sounds extreme, but I keep comparing aspects of his behavior to Rasputin. This is based on the popular speculation that much of his former lifestyle stories and conversion experience could have been fabricated or exaggerated over the years, as well as the possibilty he has been living a double life for so long. Of course there are obvious similarities to the Maciel story as well.

    The mystery of iniquity.

    St. Michael - I am praying for him.

    MaryJohn - right you are. Clay feet.

  5. Terry,

    If you know your Russian history Rasputin was amazingly charismatic and also had those crazy eyes (which as a side note- Corapi has now if you watch he harley jacket video of yesterday), and was likely possessed because he lived a double life similar to what is charged about Corapi of preaching holy asceticism and yet behind the scenes he was getting drunk and being promiscuious and emotionally manipulatiing so many women who were "under his spell", and then came on the vicious attack to whoever questioned his "holy virtue." I know some will say it's a reach to compare Corapi to crazy Rasputin, but if you know the history there are parallels and Corapi seems to get crazier and crazier as the days go on. I mean the Harley Davidson leather jacket get-up was surreal- his life is spiraling out and I pray He doesn't end up in Hell and take a lot of people with him. As my priest friend says "when the devil gets you- he lets you do your thing for a while, but eventually he slaps you down in his monsterous hatred for all human beings, especially priests, who at least in their consecrationeven if they don't live it well, remind him most of Jesus." Our Lady of Akita pray for us.

  6. Anonymous10:25 AM

    Delayed menopause, protracted mid-life crisis, permanent adolescence.......pretty soon we can attribute his behavior to having entered his dotage.

    The bottom line is that pretty much his entire life, at least his adult life, seems to have been totally dysfunctional. And people ate it up because he passed it off under the guise of "holiness".

    You can get away with all sorts of outrageous lies and suspicious behavior when those around you have bought into your holiness schtick (see Maciel). Even when your behavior is patently unholy.

    Yet another story of Dysfunction Junction creating breathless hero worship in the world of "conservative" Catholicism.

    Anybody who does try to raise the alarm on these types is immediately smacked down for being Catholic in name only, liberal, a homosexual sympathizer, a contraceptor, or any other accusation that can quickly marginalize a person's worth in this slice of the world of Catholicism.

    How many times do we have to watch the same story play out with different characters each time?

  7. Dude has a book and a new talk show to promote. Oprah is gone, so Johnny boy has a great opportunity ahead of him. He can take all of the sad tales and fretting he's heard over the years in the confessional and use that to reinvent himself as the next self-help guru. Watch out Dr Phil!

    People followed him because back in the 90s because they were desperate for someone, anyone to speak "The Truth."

    This guy is a great medicine man. He knows what the group wants to hear and says it in his big, booming voice and Ka-ching! Cash-in!

    I remember people passing his tapes around in the mid-90s and I had to turn them off, just felt inauthentic.

    The interesting thing is, most of the people I knew who were spellbound by him were mostly Med-Heads. All of their heroes have fallen over the last couple of years. Everyone from Bishop Hnilica to Ken Roberts, from Fr Vlasic to Fr Jack Spaulding and from Theresa Lopez to Nadine Brown and now this guy. These were all the people the Med-Heads chased over the last 20+years (along with so many others) and they all turned out to be fakes, phonies, freaks and frauds and losers.

  8. Also looks like he posted the comment a couple down from that. It's pretty obvious that it was the same person, different handle.

    My only comment is to echo one I read in that thread:

    Trainwrecks are hard to watch.

  9. it is also very interesting to see the "hold" he has on the catholic blog world. nobody in the secular or catholic news world is giving this any notice or just barely mentioning it. but catholic blogs cant see to let go it, even tho they all are just repeating the same info and types of comments. i not sure what it is but must be something with hold.

  10. Yeah, I can see how you hear Corapi's voice in that comment. The comment is akin, perhaps, to John Lennon singing, "I don't believe in Beatles!" and then following up with the line, "The dream is over" in his 1970 song, "God." In other words, I'm done with that stuff, moving on, you can all let it go now.

    Anyway, his video sort of creeps me out. A visceral reaction, I'll admit. But it does. Let's pray for him, and for ourselves, too, all of us who can so easily lose the path Christ calls us to.

  11. Oh yeah, I forgot one, Marie Paule Giguère, med-Heads liked her too...

    I hadn't had a TV in 6 years and was visiting family at Christmas and EWTN was on when I walked in and I saw this guy with a black goatee and oddly shaped eyebrows and yelped, "Is that Anton La Vey???!!!"

    I agree with Fr B, I think the man is possessed.

  12. Thanks very much for the post, Terry. I hadn't seen any of this commentary, but I did notice that most of his other Harley video commentary is pretty much well thought out and negative towards his new path. Did you read Tom's latest in this regard?

    Corapi as the "new" Luther


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