Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Mark Shea has something to say.

And he get's it right.
Mercy and Forgiveness for Fr. Corapi and His Fans
So the craziness from last week had died down as the True Believers moved on from assailing my emailbox with denunciations and demands that I stop questioning the veracity of a Living Saint. - Finish reading here.


  1. Good golly that was an excellent summary he gave. Thanks for linking.

  2. Good gosh! Maybe it's my age but this whole thing makes me tired. Mark's column was just a bunch of "cluck cluck, aren't I grand and aren't the "fans" of Corapi stupid." Why would anyone take the time to write such a long and ugly screed?

    I'm like Voris - I have never commented or thought about the guilt or innocence of Corapi. Frankly, "I don't give a damn."

    The taste left in my mouth by some people in the blogosphere (not you, Terry) has kept me from even fulfilling my Sunday duty for four weeks. I suspect I'm not alone...

  3. Good golly Miss Molly. Adrienne - I'm sorry. Prayers and much love, Terry

  4. SO reminds me of a verse from Lady GaGa's song "Judas"....really hit home today.

    "Jesus is my virtue,
    But Judas is the demon I cling to."

    How many of us are like that?? I'll raise my hand...

    We try so hard, and we continually fall to these little demons that sneakily pry themselves into our hard to let them go. We get up, go to confession, fall again into the little after day after day.


  5. Anonymous4:54 AM

    well i for one quite enjoy Mark Shea's writings lol...

  6. Anonymous10:42 AM

    When I read it I thought Mark take your "forgiveness" and know.

  7. Anonymous4:59 PM

    The only thing I know for sure is that I don't know a dang thing, when it comes to any man's guilt or innocence.

    I usually agree with Mark Shea on most stuff, but the tone in his post makes me fearful for him.


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