Monday, July 04, 2011

"Alcoholics and addicts are liars."

A priest once told me that a few years ago, adding, "I should know, I'm a recovering alcoholic - I lied my way through a good part of my priesthood."  Today the priest is retired, an old Franciscan who was once vocation director for an American province when I was in 5th grade.  It's amazing how people resurface in one's life - often just to help you understand something you couldn't figure out on your own. 
That's all.


  1. I would say it's more the case that liars can be alcoholics and addicts.

    If you sober up a horse thief, he'll still steal horses. Not all horse thieves are alcoholics though....

  2. That's an interesting POV too. Thanks.

  3. The resurfacing of people, moments, questions, etc. experienced for your soul's future benefit, is an interesting form of delivered blessings.

    This occurred yesterday for me during a homily. A priest I never knew gave the homily at mass and it touched on something I have been wrestling to understand for quite sometime. His homily and illustration clearly answered a haunting question of mine —zapped away. I got it and felt a brick I have been carrying lifted. I final felt a peace placed where that brick once laid.

    After Mass I had to let him know. Driving home I thought of the number of times I privately raised my bewilderment over this particular statement by Jesus and its meaning. Sadly, the offered explanations never satisfied until yesterday. I got it!


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