Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Weiner Dog and the Gay Pride Parade

In 2008 Anthony Weiner along with other NY politicians and celebrities marched in NYC's 2008 Gay Pride Parade.  No surprise there, right? 

However, watching the video of the parade, how can anyone think gay is normal?  And yet St. Cecilia's in Boston intends to host a Mass in celebration of Gay Pride.


  1. Would not have imagined...!

  2. Normal is regular. When queer becomes regular... is regular queer?

    If they outlawed state sanctioned marriage all together, would the GLTBQRSTUV folks still want "marriage"? Is this about equality... or some desire for the intrinsic quality within marriage that "they" say does not exist.

    Maybe I should sleep, I make no sense.

  3. Aceman7:38 AM

    Thank goodness Terry! With all the Fr Corapi news I thought you forgot about Pride Month!!! Ace

    PS. The butch hunting pics of him and Fr. Wenthe do make up for it though, so your forgiven! ;-)

  4. Ace I thought of you when I posted this - remember how you noted I was able to tie the Weiner antics to the gay thing? LOL! And then this landed in my email. It helped me jump the sinking Corapi ship. Break the chain, so to speak.

  5. Anonymous10:28 AM

    Looks like Rome before the fall.

  6. Aceman10:51 AM

    Unfortunately I am at work, where Youtube is blocked so I won't be able to watch the video till I get home, so I have no idea what it is other than "gay."

    But I did hear that Weiner's experience being with gays and marching in the Pride Parade was what made him Tweet/email those women the risque pics of himself. See, gays do have an effect on str8s.

    I'm glad you've got this blog back to it's originally scheduled programming and that you're pitching Corapi for gay! With 8 days left in Pride month, you have a lot of catching up to do! Ace ;-)

  7. HP Lovecraft's Circus rolling through town.

    How am I expected to accept them as normal, when I can't even take them seriously?

  8. This is one time of year when I am definitely not sorry that I no longer live as close to West Hollywood as I used to. Driving to church right through the middle of their parade was a pretty bizarre experience.

  9. I need a Hardon quote, stat!

  10. "i love my boo - how 'bout you?" lol.

    looked like some party. i don't know about you ter, but i only cross dress for special occasions. all that work.


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