Friday, June 24, 2011

Midsummer's Eve

It is still St. John's Eve, though just past midnight. The night illumined by fires before the Feast of the Baptist. It was a tradition in the early days of Christendom to have a bonfire in honor of the saint who was a "burning and shining light." (John 5:35)  In some places, they still do...

...  Ah! Reminds me of a play I once saw... the dialog echoes in me mind...
"But after all, it has only been midsummer madness. Lady Iris, wouid you be good enough to ring for my wrap?"
" Certainiy, princess!"

" And get rid of those damn cowbells!"

"May I help you, princess?"

" Thank you, Lady Iris... Goodbye, goodbye. I shall always feel a strong attachment to you all. (Let go!)"

"I can't. I'm stuck."

" Let go!"

"It's my bracelet. It's caught on you...

"Bring down the curtain!"

Yes dear readers, I shall always feel a strong attachment to you all... after all, it has only been midsummer madness!

Art: Midsummer Night's Dream by P. D. White.


  1. Aceman11:15 AM

    This was the BEST you could do on my nameday??? Geesh!

  2. John, huh? Happy feast day!

  3. LMAO. Quick, someone call Muriel Puce & Bunny Bixler.

  4. Love the artwork. That is truly magical.

    I had a small bonfire - not easy as the Smallest State has been awash the last few days. No leaping over it or dancing around it for good luck, however. (These old bones don't cotton much to the idea of leaping.)

  5. Aceman1:21 PM

    Yes, John. The Nativity of St. John the Forerunner is today, right?

  6. Yes - but I didn't know your name was John.

  7. Here is one place where they still have the bonfires:
    This is the little village in France where some of my ancestors came from.
    Bon Fete de la St.-Jean-Baptiste!


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