Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Killing Fields

PUBLIC NOTICE: Some one is killing my ivy hedge.
I have chain link fence on the property that I planted with Engleman ivy.  After a few years it forms a hedge in the summer, and in the winter the bare vines catch snow and are rather nice.  The ivy hides the industrial looking fence quite well.  Unfortunately my neighbors never liked the fence nor the ivy.  The ivy sends out trailers into the lawn, although while mowing the lawn the trailers can either be mulched or easily pulled out as you go.  The photo shown above illustrates the healthy ivy hedge, the photo's below show the dying hedge which borders my neighbor's front yard.  Both the fence and the vine is planted on my property.  In the back yard, another manicured hedge layers the ivy hedge.
Facing the neighbor's.

The fence from the neighbor's side.

Dead portions of the hedge.

I have made it a point to be a good neighbor to these people, so I am quite surprised they would hack away at my hedge, cutting it off my fence and possibly even attempting to kill it out.  I have always been friendly and generous towards the family, often initiating conversations and so on - therefore one would expect they would have had the decency to approach me if they were having problems.  For the past few days I have tried to catch their attention to discuss the matter, but they seem to be avoiding me.
I have a very low tolerance for two-faced people, but that doesn't deter me from addressing such issues as they arise. 


  1. I think it's a very beautiful hedge. As most hedges are. I'm sorry it's in such bad shape. :(

  2. It will come back I think. I'm over my resentment now - it is just that I was so dissapointed my neighbor didn't address any issues she had with me first. I know they hated the fence, but I thought everyone had moved past that after 20 years.

  3. Ter: Never underestimate the power of long standing festering neigbor hatred. They are probably covertly poisoning your rabbits.

    Say, how come I've never noticed that "Catholic Church Issues" photo before?


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