Thursday, June 16, 2011

News on Fr. Corapi

Talk is that Corapi will be making an announcement very soon, and it sounds as if he will be resuming his  apostolate where he left off.  One account quotes Corapi as declaring he is “not extinguished!”  The hope is that the accusations against him were proven to be not credible. If that is the case, it is very good news for the Church to have a priest declared wrongly accused and innocent of all charges.

Update:  Corapi made his announcement.  It looks as if he will be resuming his 'ministry' outside the narrow confines of the Roman Catholic priesthood.


  1. Ooh ooh ooh, was that the juicy gossip from the Mel Gibson-picture post you took down?

    Haha, just kidding. I'm glad to see Fr. Corapi may be coming out of this with the charges proven false, but that would seem to indicate then that the person making the charges is guilty of something pretty serious, doesn't it? Maybe it was an honest mistake, and she got him confused with someone else? Professor X, maybe? Doesn't he try to turn people gay, though?


  2. I'm interested in hearing him share what the Lord taught him in this..Will he come out fighting or humbled?

  3. Hey Terry-Just checked his website.


    Better hurry, lol. I have a feeling those prices will soon be moving in another direction...

  4. Maria, I think that was uncalled for. We are to be charitable to all. As my blessed late mother and the good Sisters of Notre Dame always said, "If you can't say something nice about someone, then don't say anything at all!

  5. Lighten up and have a a sense of humor, for goodness sake!

  6. Marcygoosie: You can locate the below at Padre's website:

    The Teaching of Jesus Christ (Catechism Series-50 Talks)

    CD-Audio: $199.00
    DVD-Video: $249.00

    This was my reference point for my intended humor. A little steep, for the Word of God, don't you think?

  7. I couldn't afford those sort of prices, for the box sets. I can't sit still long enough to listen to three hour teaching sets either.


    Excuse me, I lost the thread for a moment there.

    However, he is a millionaire so I suppose hundreds aren't that much to spend if he attracts similarly placed (financially, that is) people.

    I did get two of his CD's. One on Our Lady and one on addiction. To be fair, it was listening to the one on Our Lady that sowed the seed in me, to approach her. I think when I listened to the addiction CD, I envisaged him as a priest who lived amongst the poor street dwellers though.
    You know, addicts and prostitutes. Maybe I put expectations on him because of this perception or the fact that, in some photographs, he looks like Padre Pio. It made me not like him as much, when I realised how controlled(and expensive)the distribution of his spoken word was.Maybe I'm jealous of rich people? Oh dear God I'm being exposed again, that's two defects of character uncovered since arriving on this blog today! Terry's post on gossiping shone a torch into another murky bit!

    A lot of people say they have returned to their faith, because of his teachings(both Fr's and Terry's!).

    I shouldn't put expectations on people maybe. I hate it, when it's done to me.

    Accept life on life's terms. (If only)

    Jesus, please save me and all in need of saving.

  8. A Random Friar7:14 AM

    When this broke, the tongues were definitely wagging, and all things were seen under the worst possible light.

    We, as a society and as a Church, need to stop rushing to judgement.

  9. Maria - I get your humor.

    Shadowlands - I get yours too.

    Random Friar - I for one never doubted! LOL! Now that's funny - to me.

  10. Aceman10:38 AM

    Hopefully his bishop/superior keeps him in check now so something like this doesn't happen again. Ace

  11. I'm sure Benny Hinn will bounce back, too. They almost always do.

  12. Bakker's not withstanding.

  13. Whew! Thanks, Ter.

  14. Anonymous6:47 PM

    "N.B. This appears to have been generated by his media company — not by his superiors or his religious order. "


  15. Anonymous6:48 PM

    "Fr. Corapi speaks: “I’m not going to be involved in ministry as a priest anymore…”"

    Well well.

  16. This guy is a bigger creep than I originally gave him credit for.

  17. (Read his new blog post as "black sheep dog.")


    In other news, he'll be selling a new book soon.

  18. Anonymous7:54 PM

    Fr. John Corapi's autobiography has been in the works for well over a year now. He spoke about it in 2010 on EWTN.

    This is what the sick liberal apostate Modernists do to good orthodox priests, they get rid of them in every unjust way possible.

    How many holy priests have been silenced over the decades is too many to count.

  19. Good orthodox priests don't go rogue.

  20. Anonymous9:29 PM

    What do you mean go rogue?

    He has not left the Catholic Church and does not hold any heresies. He was suspended and can't function as a priest. He is not disobeying the Church in any way such as by continuing to administer the sacraments.

    The forces of evil are stacked against him and like so many other orthodox priests, the suspensions are meant to silence them and there is no way to get around them due to the ecclesial corruption.

  21. I won't engage the debate over the corruption of Bishops... the hypocrisy on this issue is staggering. However, he is "rogue" because he is continuing to teach. He's the Corapi Formerly Known As Father.

  22. Anonymous9:34 PM

    following the example of St. Pio would have been more edifying.

    On the bright side, he'll get to sell books and not be held accountable by those "modernist" ecclesiastical authority

  23. Terry: Is the saying that he has he been formally laicised? Defrocked? Do we know who the Bishop in Texas is?

  24. Terry: Is he saying that he has he been formally laicized? Defrocked? Do we know who the Bishop in Texas is?

  25. He has been suspended. Apparently indefinitely. He is still technically a priest, though he may not present himself as such. The Bishop in question Texas is the Bishop of Corpus Christi, The Most Rev. William Michael Mulvey.

  26. Thanks Tom. This is his story. We have not yet heard from the hierarchy. I wonder if we will.

  27. Anonymous1:08 AM

    "He launched a blog-site: to allow his fans to begin establishing a ‘home’ where they can be in touch with him, directly. A member from his media team shared “this is a very exciting move for John and his fans, as for the first time, in a long time, John will be directly in touch with this fan-base by way of social networks.”



    (To quote Terry)

  28. I am waiting to hear what the authorities have to say - the bishop and possibly his superiors. Corapi's statement is pretty nuts - talk about a disgruntled employee - he's the poster child.

  29. Anonymous10:37 AM

    The image of the black sheep dog with the flock reflected in the eyes is quite creepy. One commenter referred to it as a wolf in sheeps clothing. Shivers went up my spine.

    Scary, downright scary.

    Pray, pray, pray.


  30. Chloesmom said:

    'The image of the black sheep dog with the flock reflected in the eyes is quite creepy. One commenter referred to it as a wolf in sheeps clothing. Shivers went up my spine.

    Scary, downright scary.'

    This might help.... ;)

  31. Except for a very few cases fame and the priesthood do not sit well together. I've known many priest who became celebrities and eventually left the priesthood. It seems that it is better for us all to seek treasures in heaven rather than notoriety here on earth.


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